Saturday, July 14, 2012

The Beach Wasn't So New

Today would have been considered a "free day". I decided to head to Newport with some of the friends I met. Four buses arrived on Thayer and Charlesfield to pick everyone up. The RAs told us that they would be dropping of everyone at the Newport's Information Center and we could go anywhere from there. I was super excited to discover Newport so I hopped on a bus to go see the mansions. Did you know the buses are free on the weekends? When I arrived at the mansions I found out there was a fifteen dollar admissions price, which was very upsetting. I think looking at these mansions are great but why is it so pricey! My friends and I walked towards the beach, taking a trail and saw more mansions. Overall, I didn't need to pay fifteen dollars to see mansions because I saw the architecture and landscape from the outside. 

The beach was a huge disappointment. Apparently I went to the filthiest beach on town. The algae came in with the tides which made me not want to get in. My mentality was, "I didn't walk twenty minutes just to not enjoy the beach." The sand was grey and not soft at all but I still had fun. The highlight of the Newport Beach was getting transformed into a mermaid! 

The food was moderate. I went to a local Chinese restaurant and ordered chow mein. The chow mein didn't have noodles. Today felt like the worst day ever and I wish I could've spent it differently but now I know what not to do while I'm in Newport, Rhode Island. 

Coming back home was great because I finished most of my homework! The curfew for Saturday is 12:30AM so my friends and I took a stroll down Thayer St., went to dinner at the Vdub, and relaxed at the Main Green. The Vdub is amazing! It definitely tops the Ratty although the food variety is slim. This is a situation where it's about the quality not quantity. I was in heaven! 

Next week I look forward to the activities Kisa and the Leader Fellows have planned for us all. I have enjoyed this experience tremendously. Even though today wasn't well sent it's still a learning experience; getting to meet new people, discovering a new town, and embracing the short amount of time I have here. 

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