Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Weird Weather Wednesday

The students who hadn't presented their Newsworthy articles started off class by doing so. Then, we had another guest speaker. She started out as one of few women in the engineering program at Harvard. However, now she's a successful politician in Providence, working with the mayor on education. It was interesting talking with her. She really took the time to hear what we had to say our experiences at school and she seemed interested in our opinions. She told us about the politics involved in public schools. I was able to relate to this since I go to an under-privelged public school and it was enlightening to hear someone talk so candidly about the issues and the ways she was working to resolve problems in her city. 

After lunch, we took a short survey on ethics and while the TAs organized the data, we started a conversation about what ethics are. Then we broke up in to groups and were given a packet of scenarios containing ethical dilemmas. Our task was to discuss the situation and come up with a solution we felt was ethical. After a little while in the groups, we came back together and reviewed some of the situations as a class. Then, the TAs presented the results of the survey. Some of the questions included were, have you lied in the past year? And, if you knew you would never get caught, would you steal large amounts of money? We were comparing the results of the class with another set of statistics from 2005. While I don't have the exact numbers, I can say that we were very honest in answering the survey because the question about lying was almost 100%. In comparison to the 2005 results, that was very large but we recognized our class was a very unique and specific group of subjects so that could change the data. In addition, the questions were left up to the interpretation of the reader so each question could have been answered differently depending on the person's perspective. 

Here's my work station.
After class I went straight to the Science Library next to the building where our class is held to work on homework. While typing away on my computer, I heard some thumping. I assumed someone was moving furniture upstairs but then it started to pour rain and lightning began to light up the windows. I loved the extreme weather display, it was like nothing I had experienced. It was exotic, adding some excitement to my study session. 

Only a few more days of summer storms and library visits! I never would have imagined it to go by this quickly.

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