Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Action Plan

For my action plan, I want to encourage safe sex practices in third world countries to prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS through fundraising. Contraceptives and condoms are already expensive for those who buy it in the United States, unless you are apart of a public sexual health facility. Those who live in deprived countries can’t afford the necessary products, and if they can, I don’t think they would put that first. 

The country I’m most determined to influence is Nigeria. This region has the biggest population in Africa. Knowing that it’s so populous can mean there is a large number of people affected by HIV/AIDS. 

My action plan is for me to hold fundraisers through my current high school and perhaps community. I’m also planning to partner with the Planned Parenthood at my school, where the money will be donated. The money will go towards buying products for those in Nigeria. I chose Nigeria because there’s a Planned Parenthood available there that may benefit from the earnings. Aside from fundraising, I want to raise awareness. I want to hold an assembly to educate my peers of what can occur when you use protection versus when you do not. I can use scare tactics by saying statistics of how many people are affected or how different their lives have changed. Hopefully, that will encourage more students to use contraceptives and to donate money for my cause.

I want my action plan to be a year round project. I’m apart of this after school club called YAB (youth advisory board) and we’re affiliated with our school’s health center and Planned Parenthood. Since I know them, I can reach out for their help to brainstorm new ideas I can use. To keep me on track with my process, I plan to have a mentor, which will be my Health Center's director.

This whole process is to impact those in third world countries. Before I can do that, the audience I’d have to target first are the students of my high school. From their reactions and assistance, my action plan will either go smoothly or roughly.

Since sex is a touchy subject, I know I’ll encounter some bumps throughout the road. If I choose to talk about intercourse to students during an assembly, it means getting their parents or guardians involved. Before I can do this, I need for everyone’s parents/guardians to sign a contract stating their consent for their child to participate. There are two responses, let their child engage in the talk, or not at all. For those who can’t I’ll need to figure out an alternative activity for them do. Fundraising can also have its problems too. Since I want this to be an annual thing, it might get a little boring from the repetitiveness. To fix this issue, class competitions can be hold. The homeroom that raises the most money can be rewarded with a pizza party or ice cream social. If the rewards are too costly, a bake sale can be initiated instead.

I know I can make this happen, as long as I have supporters and help along the way. A dollar or a penny will be welcomed, or any amount possible. Passion and dedication will guide me through the laziness and procrastination. I have hope and faith that my action plan will do well.

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