Saturday, July 14, 2012

By the Sea Shore

I woke up with a rush of excitement climbing up and down my whole body. This weekend is our first and last (maybe) weekend as Brownies. The plan was to go to the Newport trip the school provided, but I didn’t want to wake up too early. I decided to go with a small group to Eaton’s Beach in Newport. We took a bus there and walked almost 2 miles. It’s still weird how I’m so accustomed to getting around using a car… I feel my calves getting bigger and bigger as we walk everywhere around Brown University and the Providence area.  
So much red algea!

We went swimming and tanning all day. It felt like summer again with all the school work aside. I finally swam in the Atlantic Ocean! There wasn’t much that went on today, but I did learn a really important lesson. Today showed me how much fun a college student can have. I had to make choices on my own, especially when we took a turn into the wrong street. I didn’t have my parents to call because they’re thousands of miles away. I also had to work with my friends to figure out how to get to the bus stop in a place we never even heard of before. The freedom is amazing and all, but school work will always be important. I’m glad I brought my school materials to the beach. I was able to be productive while having fun with my new friends. I still need to learn how to prioritize and stop procrastinating though. I could have done a little better with my assignments. Also, I learned that planning ahead of time is tremendously important. I personally think that our trip to the beach would have been a lot efficient if we had everything planned and organized. Sure, the spontaneous nature of this whole day was fun but we would have saved a whole lot more time if we knew exactly what to do. I will be sure to apply this insight to tomorrow’s “adventure”!

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