Monday, July 16, 2012

The Beginning of the End

It was as if those blissful days of sleeping in had never happened as I fell out of bed this morning. However, when I remembered why I was getting up, my mood changed and I happily proceeded getting ready for the day.

Class today was more of a work day. We didn't do as many group activities but were allowed time to develop our Action Plans and work on other projects like our article presentations and journal entries. It was a day to practice time management and set appropriate priorities. I'll be the first to admit, this was not easy. Sitting in front of a big Mac computer in a computer lab, Youtube and Facebook were calling my name. And while I may have visited the menacing sites on a break once or twice, I was very productive. I did some reading, organized my Action Plan speech, and started on my journal entry. 

In addition, I had a meeting with one of the TAs for the class about my Action Plan. This was perhaps the most exciting progress I'd made. I had all these ideas in my head and in my notebook but I didn't know if they made sense to anyone else or if they were do-able. Getting to talk to Sophia was great. I went over everything my Action Plan would require. We discussed a rough timeline, brainstormed ways to get people interested, made a list of resources I'd need and so much more. It was a very encouraging session and I left motivated and more confident in my final presentation. 

After dinner, we reconvened in Salomon to have Community Hours. We watched a very moving film about women's fight for the right to vote called, Iron Jawed Angles. It was very inspiring, and as a soon-to-be young voter, it was very touching to see what these women went through years ago to ensure my right to a voice in government. It was also interesting to watch because it relates to my Action Plan so I was fascinated by the history and constantly thinking of ways to incorporate the experiences of the women in to my presentation. 

Now, I'm sitting at my desk ready to start my homework and I'm struck by the fact that I'll sit at this desk for only four more days and then it's back to The Bay which I've missed so much. That's not to say this little desk won't be missed. This is an experience that is difficult to forget and the knowledge I gain here, at this desk and in the classroom, will be applied to my life for years to come.

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