Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Three Wonderful Weeks in Review

A year ago, I never would have considered a school on the East Coast. And now, I can barely see myself anywhere else. I wouldn't have this new outlook on my academic future if it hadn't been for this trip and most importantly, the Ivy League Connection. I first want to thank all the people who made this trip possible and enjoyable. My chaperones did a great job making sure my cohort and I were safe and having fun. And of course, the trip wouldn't exist without Ms. Kronenberg and Mr. Ramsey! So a huge thank you to them.

The first week of visiting schools was immensely helpful. Before the trip, I was overwhelmed with the possibilities for college. There were liberal arts colleges, bigger public universities, and numerous locations. I didn't know what was right for me until I visited some campuses. Getting to experience the school was really important for me. Getting a feel for each school, although none of them seemed prefect for me, helped me develop a criteria to narrow down my list of schools going in to the fall. The dinners also played an important role in the process of finding something right for me. Talking to current students gave me a good idea of the student body and diversity of every school, including ones I personally didn't visit.

After a luxurious week in the hotel, the move to the dorms was rough but realistic. And once I got comfortable, I really enjoyed living in Perkins Hall. The social climate was warm and welcoming. Everyone was so friendly and interesting. My neighbor was from Nicaragua and I had classmates from Puerto Rico, London, and India as well as young women from all across the United States. We all lived in the same building so we were able to study together and go to meals together when we weren't in class or at Community Hours. It was a perfect preview to college. Managing time between class, meals, social time and homework.

The class itself, was so wonderful. Kisa was an amazing instructor. She created a unique class environment in which everyone felt comfortable expressing any thought or opinion. The curriculum was fascinating as well. I feel so much more secure as a woman in society after all the discussions and readings we did. The speakers were a great supplement to the class too. The women that came in were inspiring. They were a real life example of all the ideals we had talked about in class.

Over all, my trip to the East Coast was one I'll never forget. The things I learned through this process will be applied to my life for years to come. Everything from the formal interview at the beginning, to the school board meeting, to the campus visits to the mini college experience have given me an insight in to what lies ahead in applying for college, living on my own and being an active member of my community.

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