Friday, July 13, 2012

Inside The Bubble

"Act Like a Lady"
"Act like a lady" or "Act like a man" these are the issues that we discussed in our class today. We were divided into groups and were asked to to draw a box on a paper and write inside that box of what it is or means to act like a lady or a man. Then we were told to write outside of the box of what it meant to not act like a lady or man. We were also told to write outside of the box of what were the consequences of not living up to the expectations of acting like a lady or a man. Once we were done we put them up on the board so everyone could see and read them. Something that all of the groups noticed was that everyone wrote that if you didn't act like a lady or man you were considered either lesbian or gay.We also discussed about the expectations that society says that we have to live up to if not were outcasts. After we finished discussing about how stereotypes of society we were introduced to a guest speaker

"Act Like a Man
Our guest speaker was Suzy Alba, who is currently running for city council in Rhode Island. She talked to us about the importance of being a leader as a woman. She told us that we were never to young to be leaders. She also pointed out that being leaders doesn't mean we have to know everything, because the best leaders are those who don't know everything. She also mentioned that we must stand out from the category of stereotypes that media has placed women with leadership in.

Before class ended Kisa split us up again into groups according to what ideas did we have on our action plan. Then she told us to discuss with the girls in our group about what we had in mind for our action plan. She also told us to help each other out by suggesting ideas to one another about what we could to make our action plan work. Once the time was up we went back to our seat and began to discuss with the whole class about what we discussed in our groups. I enjoyed this part of the class very much because I now have more ideas that I could use for my action plan. having all the ideas is making it so much easier on me.

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