Sunday, July 15, 2012

Getting To Know You, Getting To Know All About You

Ms. Timmes greeted us at the Vdub with her big white van. I was super excited because we were actually heading to a really nice beach instead of one with red tides.

When we arrived it was amazing. The heat was disregarded and I just wanted to run towards the water. All of us dropped our things and headed for the water and stayed for about 30 minutes. One thing that was quite upsetting was that a majority of us got sunburned!

I still can't believe how much we've bonded over a course of two weeks. I couldn't imagine my Brown experience without them all! This day was well spent because we got to hang out with Ms. Timmes. I remember when I saw her everyday, now I'm all "independent". 

Today we had community time with our entire residential hall, Perkins. For the first half a panel of four discussed their experience of creating an Action Plan, implementing it, being motivated, and how they spread the word. Honestly, this helped me a lot because I was sort of worried and kept asking myself "what if this isn't good enough" or "should I do something else".

Most of them said to think small and that reassured me that I can make this happen. My Action Plan starts of little but will have a big impact. For the second half of community time everyone separated according to their Residential Advisors. I realized that I haven't really hung out with my cluster that much but I do say hello. We all answered six questions that concerned what we enjoyed about this past week, what we look forward to, and how we hope to become a better leader. My RA, Elsa, expected us the answer these questions in 5 minutes. Honestly, I felt that wasn't enough time for me but I learned how to think on the spot now. Anonymously, everyone chose these cards and chose wether or not to read them. From this activity I saw many similarities and relatable things. People said they are worried about their Action Plan. WHO ISN'T?! I believe I've gone crazy.

To conclude, I have enjoyed this first week although some days weren't as great. I think I am homesick because I haven't been living it up. Homesickness is a phase for almost everyone and it just hit me really hard. This week I look forward to executing my Action Plan and hope everyone can relate. 


  1. "Ms Timmes greeted us at the Vdub with her big white van." Haha, I love that line!

  2. Okay, Destiney, I could have sworn that we included sunscreen and sun block on the list of items to pack. Were you all afraid that if you used it you might run out? You know, don't you, that they have stores in Providence where you can buy more?

    And as for the homesickness, that's a real bummer, Destiney. The first week you feel the homesickness; the second week you still have kind thoughts and recollections of your times back in Richmond; but by week three you've completely forgotten your friends and family you left behind.

    As long as you don't forget about people like me, Destiney, you'll be just fine.

    1. Sadly enough sunblock was used repeatedly. The result, a sunburn.