Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Speaking and Speakers

Today, we spent the majority of class presenting our newsworthy articles. Each student provided both a summary and their opinion of an article relating to women in the world. Each article was unique and it was fascinating to see each student’s perspective on the topic they addressed.

To avoid feeling anxious, I volunteered to go first. For my article, I chose an editorial from the New York Times entitled “The Campaign Against Women”. This editorial provided the opinion that republicans are creating laws that limit the power of Women in society. It interests me that women are losing rather than gaining rights. Before reading the editorial, I thought that the status of women was progressively improving when, in reality, the opposite may be occurring.

After several students had presented, a renowned Brown professor, Wendy Schiller, came in to speak to us about women in politics. Professor Schiller instilled upon us the idea that women are naturally less assertive and less confident than men. Therefore, women must focus on presenting themselves in an authoritative way. For men, this confidence comes naturally. An individual with less confidence is perceived by others as weaker and is thus overlooked.

Professor Schiller shared her personal stories relating to the topic of women in politics. She held several prestigious positions working under different political leaders, so she is accustomed to life in politics and understands the importance of standing up for oneself. She spoke of the importance of calling people out when they say something negative toward women. Hearing Professor Schiller speak was impressive. I admire her accomplishments and I feel privileged to have met her.

In the afternoon, five current Brown students came to speak to us about college life. Each student shared their struggles and ways that they overcame them. One very important topic addressed was time management. Each student recommend getting work out of the way first, so that it is possible to really enjoy the rest of the day.  I absolutely loved the speakers today and I know that I will carry their advice throughout my college education and well into my professional career. 

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  1. Emily,

    I'm glad that you're seeing how some important people seem to be working overtime to keep women down.

    Go back thirty years ago and you'll see how the nation rejected the Equal Rights Amendment that would have codified the rights of women in the US. Even today, if the ERA were to be put before the voters, who knows whether it would pass or not. Why do you suppose it is that some people can only feel superior if they are standing on the backs of someone they're trying to keep down?