Wednesday, July 18, 2012

As Fast as Lightning

My day was made when I saw Ms. Timmes as I walked into class. She visited with perfect timing because today, the second half of my class was to present their Newsworthy Articles. Among those were Molly, Aby, and Iris. It was a relieving feeling to know that all I had to do today was sit back and watch since I've already presented yesterday. The rest of our morning was spent with Angela Romans, Providence's senior advisor on education. She talked about her journey throughout her career and how she became involved in the politics as a woman. She also touched upon the topic of turn-around schools. It was interesting to see the different perspectives of turn-around schools that the class shared amongst each other. As a student of a turn-around school, I think I'm greatly affected academically, specially since my grade is sort of the "lab rat" of the school. Whatever mistakes they make on my class, they fix for the next class. It's quite a bothersome process on our part but at the same time it's good to be a part of the positive changes in De Anza High. 

After lunch, we focused on ethics and what role it plays in leadership. The whole class took a questionnaire that tested our individual responses to certain ethical topics. Have you lied throughout the past year? Cheated on a test? Downloaded a song illegally? Challenging questions like these made me reflect on my own morals that I've been brought up with in my family. 

Trapped in the Sci Li.
Due to the persistent rain and thunder outside, Ynah and I are stuck in the Sci Li. Sitting here, all I can think about now is my Action Plan presentation. I feel confident enough about it, but I somehow find myself worrying that I will fail to get my point across. Still, I need to stay determined to make a strong impression in order to represent not only myself but also my school district in a positive way. I'm even more determined to actually implement the Plan into my community with help from my main sources of support -- family, close friends, and teachers.

Minutes, hours, days are passing as fast as lightning. It's hard to keep up to it all! I cannot believe that tomorrow will be our last full day in Providence. I wasn't able to visit all the places I've planned to visit, but that's not even a matter to me anymore. What matters now is finding the time to cherish with the amazing girls of Women & Leadership.


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