Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Is That a Castle?

And so it began, day two of my Ivy League Connection trip. At 7 AM Molly, my roommate, and I woke up to the beeping sounds of our alarms. From what the weather was like, we had to dress in shorts and dresses. When the clock struck 8 we headed out the room to meet with the other ladies for breakfast.

We arrived shortly at Small Point Cafe. I was really surprised at what I saw from inside. The right photo shows the menu and where we are supposed to order our food.  In the room next door was where we ate breakfast. Everything seemed to look like a typical cafe until I glanced over at the brick wall. Some parts of the wall had missing bricks and there was a plant just lounging around in it. That's not something I would expect to see everyday. The sound of the cashier's voice ended my thought and called out my order, egg and cheese english muffin with Canadian bacon. Yum!

After our stomachs devoured our meal, we headed back to our hotel and jumped in our van to head to Wellesley College.

The weather was so amazing when we arrived: clear blue skies with fluffy white clouds. The campus gave me the impression of the medieval times. I don't mean torches with angry mobs of people, but the old buildings looked like replicas of castles. If I ever do get accepted to this school, I wouldn't mind thinking that I'm a princess.

Ms. Kaplan led us to the admissions building and there began the tour led by Amy Wang, a soon to be senior majoring in French and Economics.  She showed us the chapel, science department, student study center, and the Lulu Chow Wang Campus Center. Wellesley didn't interest me much to apply to until Amy started to talk about the details of the college. The first thing that was brought to my attention is that it's an all women's school. That can really help in the long run, no distractions from men and the only focus is on school work. Hearing about the average number of students (2,600) made me extremely happy. Not only are the classes smaller compared to other schools, but professors are more likely to teach on a one on one basis.

Lastly, Wellesley has "big sister little sister". This is when a junior or senior assist a freshman throughout their college career. When the tour came to an end, the 11 of us quickly grabbed lunch on campus and headed to the information session. That wasn't much different from the tour, everything was repeated. The sound of applause ended the session and we walked back to the van.

YAY! We had four hours of free time when we arrived back to our sleeping quarters. So Abby, Destiney, Molly, and I decided to exercise a bit. Even Ms. Timmes decided to join us! After an hour, we shopped at CVS along with Maddie and Emily. Just grabbing the usual, snacks, toothpaste, shampoo, snacks, and more snacks. We rushed our hungry butts back and prepared for dinner at Camille's. 

All of us arrived a tad bit early and decided to wait outside where the DJ was. Our chaperones were grooving to the mood and Destiney even posted a video of them dancing! A few moments later more people arrived and we walked upstairs to our private room. On my left sat Molly, and Ms. Kaplan, right was Ynah, and across was Guy Sanchez and Ida Meurs. When the food arrived, I felt like a judge at Iron Chef. All three main courses were delicately assembled and the flavors broke my 1-10 scale. I don't know which is better, Boulevard or Camille's. I can say that at Camille's I wasn't too nervous about meeting new people. The Boulevard experience really helped out. During the meals we chatted about what we want to study, Brown compared to other Ivy Schools, and how the alums kept changing their majors but still were able to stay on track to graduate.

Overall, the East Coast has been pretty fun, of course in an all educational way. I love the vibe I'm receiving from the other girls. They are still so excited of what's to come in the next few weeks. I just can't wait to celebrate July 4th with the Brown I cohort! Plymouth Rock and fireworks tomorrow! Or should I say later this night? Well it's time to sleep and to wake up in less than eight hours! Whoo...
Cohort and Guests

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  1. I don’t get this, Iris. I keep reading about how you’re all celebrating for having four hours of “free” time. What I would have hoped for is “ why aren’t they cramming four more hours of site visits and blogging into this day?” Oh well...