Tuesday, July 3, 2012


First of all, I'd like to thank all of our Brown Session I readers who have followed us through our journey for this long. A few nights ago, I saw readers from Tokyo on our revolving map, which was actually really surprising. As our last week nears, I can only think about how lucky I was to have been accepted to a program as wonderful as this. I have many of you to thank; for all the support you've given us by reading our blogs. Without many of you all, this program would never be what it is now. However, I do have one favor to ask you of. Brown Session II has arrived here in Providence yesterday and finally got to experience some of the Providence atmosphere. I'm sure that they are having a splendid time, and their blogs are spectacular. However, this causes some "confusion" between the two groups. I'm asking all of you to please keep reading  the Brown Session I blogs before we leave the east bay. 

Today was officially our last day of actual class. We went over our last homework of the course with Desi, and had our final review-lecture from Professor Coleman. We went over some of the AP Macroeconomics questions from the previous years, and more emphasizing on the relationship towards the economic graphs we've been studying all summer. During the whole time in class, I had actually hoped that the clock would go slower, because I didn't want time to go by so fast. In retrospect, three weeks of time passes by really fast. In a blink of an eye, we're already here; three days until all of this would be over... Honestly, I don't know how I should react to all of this. I can't even count how many scenarios that I've run in my head as of how my last day in Summer@Brown would end. I know that the days are closing, but in my head, it seems all so far away. 

Another sneak-peak of our project
I spent the rest of the day completing my group Eurozone project that my group of four will present on Friday. Looking back, I'm very glad that I decided to join my group. I don't think I wrote this on my blog for the first day of class, but if I did, you guys to hear another wonderful story again. The evening prior to our first day of class, we had an ice cream social where I met Avery Cheng and Sai Shastry. We agreed that the day after, we'd walk to class together. We stuck together for the rest of class that day, and formed our own group of three, with Noah Cowan (from my floor) being the fourth. My actual objective in doing so was to meet new people and do things a little bit differently outside of my comfort zone while I was at Brown. Little did I know that these three other people would be the ones that I've tied my relations with the most. As I'm spending my week working on the project with these guys, I realize that in just a few days, Avery will fly back to Hong Kong, Sai back to India, and Noah back to D.C. This project will literally be our last effort as a group. 

Taken a while back; evoking old memories
It's not that I'm not ready to go home. I am, but I don't exactly want to yet. There are still so many things I wish I would've had more time to do, and so many more decisions that I wish I had the time to make. There's still that Talent Show that I wanted to go to on Friday evening, and that trip to Newport beach on Saturday that I never got to go to last time because I lost my ID. But just as Isaac Newton used to say, what goes up must come down. I just hope that gravity will be more friendly and not let me fall as quickly as I would otherwise.

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