Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Macro Virus

Today was our last class lecture. We discussed everything we learned in the past couple of weeks. We connected all of the concepts and tied together all of the loose ends. Everything we discussed is preparing us for the final and the Macroeconomics AP test, should we ever take it. I am really glad we got a chance to review everything because now I feel even more prepared for the test. Our final will consist of 3 short answer questions and around 20 multiple choice questions. We are allowed to work in pairs and use our notes so I am not too worried although I still will definitely review the material beforehand. Our class was lacking a few bodies today due to a few of the students taking a break from our 3 week class. I find it pretty interesting that they cared so little for all of the money their families paid to send them away, just for short pleasure at an amusement park. Being that tomorrow is a complete day off, I don't see how they couldn't wait just one day longer, but I guess that's just my opinion. 

With the hot weather and cold air conditioning in every building, my body has decided to shut down and develop a cold. It's hard to deal with the hot weather and a runny nose at the same time. All day I am continuously eating cough drop after cough drop to soothe my sore throat and constant coughing. While this has been difficult, I have been able to push through and still enjoy myself. It's sad to think that in just a couple of days I will be leaving Brown and then I will be leaving Rhode Island. I've made some really great friends here which will make it very hard to say the forbidden word: goodbye. 

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  1. Tayler,

    So sorry to hear that you’re feeling poorly. As you pointed out, though, going from the extreme cold to the extreme hot can play with the body’s ability to remain stable. Add to the mix the change in diet and sleep patterns and we should be pleased that more of our ILCers have not come down with what you have.

    I’m glad that rather than be jealous of your classmates that cut class to party elsewhere that you are just as appalled as we are. Even if the education were free, you all made a pledge to attend the class. I’m proud that we never see absenteeism with any of our ILCers. When we screen each of you before selecting you for one of our scholarships, character is a big part of the selection process.