Sunday, July 1, 2012

Thunderous Sunday

Hugging the Brown bear and forgetting how to get back down.
Quick bursts of exercise, I find, make for effective study breaks. So between the three hours of mulling methylation patterns, I took a double refresher and sprinted to the grocery market to bring my study buddies of the day refreshments.

Somehow the warm sunshine which gradually faded to soothing pitter patter on the Sci-Li study room windows, had translated into pouring buckets and rumbles of thunder the minute I stepped out onto a sloshing Thayer Street.

Without warning, this flash storm seemed to confront me with a reminder- that in a flash, our three weeks are also coming to an abrupt end. While we suffered no tumultuous struggles, tempestuous drama, and the closest lightning clash of elements we experienced were the first few electrifying moments of WaterFire, I concede harboring a frenzied passion for Brown.

The connections I've made with the incredible community here will weather any storm. Our close-knit DNA Biotech family are riding out this last week together, armed in preparation for Finals with our greatest tool of study: each other. Let me reiterate that the collaboration-friendly environment is something I'd like to be a part of. With our upcoming final, I anticipate the joy of accomplishment bitter-sweetened by tough goodbyes. While I secretly wish to live here forever, I suppose I'm excited to make the most of and finish this final week with a bang!

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