Sunday, July 1, 2012

Taking it Easy

This morning I got a chance to sleep in before heading off to lunch with Kelly. We ate at the "glorious" VDubb since the Ratty was closed. After lunch we met up with David and picked up our books and laptops from the dorms. Today would be a day of homework and studying.

Instead of going to our usual meeting place at The Rock, we ventured to the Sci-Li (The Science Library). After finding a floor where the mood wasn't complete and utter silence we settled on the 3rd floor and found a private study room. At first it took us a while to get focused, because after all when there is a dry erase board in your presences who could resist drawing a few pictures. Eventually we got it under control, buckled down, and had an overall productive day.

The day started off very hot and very sunny. Around 4 the skies darkened and rain unexpectedly fell from the sky. There was thunder and lightning and a warning from of hail (although I didn't see any). Lucky for us we were still in the Sci-Li and were spared from the rain. I always thought the Bay Area had crazy weather where one day it's sunny and the next day it's not. But here, you can go from trying to escape from the heat to trying to escape from the rain in a matter of seconds. After the rain had cleared and the sun had come out again, we headed off to dinner.

       The Brown Bear
This concludes our last Sunday on the Brown Campus. This time next Sunday I will be heading back to the Bay Area and away from all the great people I've met at Brown. This is our last week of class and it will be cut short because of the holiday in the middle of the week. So I plan to enjoy this week completely and embrace all of the opportunities presented to me. I am not ready to say goodbye to the people I have met and all the members of my cohort. We grew close so quickly and have been inseparable. And while I am sad the end is near, I do not regret anything.

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