Sunday, July 1, 2012

Hope is a Good Street, Maybe the Best of Streets

Today was a great day to unwind, even if the weather got a little bit chaotic. I slept in until around 11 AM, and was able to get a ton of the homework due Tuesday out of the way, and after a nice hour-long power nap, it was already 3 PM. I looked out my window and saw those ominous grey clouds looming, and quickly checked what the weather was supposed to be like, wondering if I would be holed into my dorm for the rest of the day. The weather forecast predicted thunderstorms, but after a week of supposed thunderstorms where it rained only twice, I didn't really pay it too much attention, I just expected a light drizzle at the most. I finished up the 2007 AP Macroeconomics free-response questions, and was amazed to see that just like our teacher had told us, I really did understand all of the material. The fact that in just two weeks we were able to cover the majority of the material a yearlong course was expected to go over both astounded and somewhat disappointed me. While I was greatly impressed that our teacher Nick Coleman was able to go through all of this in just ten 3-hour classes, I was also saddened by the fact that this was only possible because he knew that everyone in that room was genuinely interested in the subject he was teaching. It would be all but impossible to cover this much material so quickly and so in-depth during the majority of high school classes, as there would be nowhere near the level of interest found in this course students had to pay to attend in a class that students had to skate by in to make sure they graduated. 
I happened to finish those questions at almost the exact same time the loudest thunder I have ever heard in my life boomed, and I all but jumped out of my chair. I saw that it was starting to pour, and immediately knew I wanted to go on a run. Any sleep lost over the last month has been starting to hit me this week, so I figured what better way to energize myself for my last week here than a run in the rain. I was a bit deterred from the idea of running when I searched Google maps to find a nice running route and the first thing I saw was a severe thunderstorms in Rhode Island, but I figured at the very least I'd have something to blog about if I was struck by lightning, and so headed off anyway. The run along Hope Street (there isn't really anything special about Hope Street, I just really wanted to make a Shawshank reference as soon as I saw the name) was refreshing and calming, and before I knew it it was time for check-in. I'm already sad that this will be my last Sunday on Brown's campus, but look forward to my last week here.

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