Sunday, July 1, 2012

Pass the 5-Hour Energy

This past week has been extremely hectic for me.  Yesterday I arrived home from a week-long trip to LA. Tonight (or tomorrow-super-early-in-the-morning, rather) I will leave home yet again -- this time to Rhode Island. It's still very overwhelming just thinking about it. This will be my first time traveling all the way across the country, or let alone traveling by myself. The east coast was never a significant part of my life; it was a mere faraway place that I can only see on television. Little did I know that the ILC would come about and provide me with this amazing opportunity to make this place real and tangible. 

Now would be the right time for me to catch up on my sleep, although I think it will be impossible to, with these anxious thoughts endlessly running through my mind. After napping, all I will need is a midnight dinner, a double-check of my checklist, and a shot of my 5-Hour Energy drink. THEN I'm good to go! 

18 days. I have 18 days to grow and find independence within myself. 18 days to make my family and community proud. 18 days to gain a better perspective of a world beyond my comfort zone. 18 days to begin the molding of my bright future.

Brown University, what do you have in store for me?

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