Sunday, July 1, 2012

Boarding Brown Airlines

For the past few days I haven't been struck with so much excitement until today. In just a few hours my Brown II cohort will be on our way to the east coast!

All day and yesterday I've been trying to look in my closet for the right type of clothes. This will be my first time visiting the other side of the country so I have no idea how the weather will be like, but the weather channel is always there for help. One thing I am sure of is to pack my allergy medicine. Without them, I'll arrive with sneezes, itchy eyes and nose, and a groggy attitude. Yuck! So I tripled checked everything off my list. 

I still remember having to go through my essay and interview process. All that tension and nervousness was really worth it! None of those emotions can compare to this moment. It's like I've been enveloped with happiness and joy! I'm so excited that missing my family isn't even lingering in my mind! A new adventure awaits and new people to meet. A taste of college is just one plane ride away!

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