Sunday, July 1, 2012

Catch-Up Sunday

It's been great having fun in Boston, walking around Federal Hill, and even having movie night in Room 101. But all good things come to an end at one point, and you have have to put the less important things aside, put yourself back on the path to success, and focus. Normally, motivation is always outweighed by my procrastination, but this time, it's different. This is my last week; my final week; my last impression. I didn't come here just for all the fun, but to represent my community and my school. And that's what this whole week is going to be about. Well, with the exception of July 4th... 

Here's a little sneak-peak of our Macroeconomics Presentation. Just
the title though. The rest is still top secret
I had a blissful night of sleep with my fan right next to me, providing me with some coolness. Windows were open, blankets were on the other side of the room, pillows thrown on the floor, and there I was. Half of my body was leaning on the edge of my bed, while my other half was still glued to the sheets. I panicked at first, forgetting that it was still the weekends. I woke up around noon without any plans for today whatsoever. Instead, I woke up and decided to get started on my homework and do some more extra research on my Macroeconomics project. Our topic will be on the euro crisis in Greece at the moment. It's going really well, and the articles are some really interesting reads. 

I admit that studying and researching did get sort of boring, so I decided to take a quick break. I browsed Youtube for a while and did some catching up on "America's Got Talent". Halfway through the video, Tayler  and Kelly called, and wondered if I ate lunch yet. I said no, so we decided to meet up somewhere, get me some food, and work on our homework together. I got a fairly cheap hot dog and soda (that was totally worth it) for $1.99. I devoured it in less than five minutes, and we headed to the Sci-Li after. Some people call it the "most ugliest building in Providence" but I really don't see what's so hideous about it... We had some trouble choosing a floor to study on within the range of 14 different floors, excluding the lobby. We finally settled on the third floor and found an empty study room. We didn't expect to stay there for so long, but then the 88 degrees thunderstorm happened, so we decided to maybe stay a little longer. (I added a video of the storm that I caught on my camera.) That "little longer" soon turned into five hours of homework. 

The sky is still dark, but the sidewalks are all completely dried (taken beside the Sci-Li)

We got some dinner at the V-Dub after the storm stopped and the rain cleared up. I don't know if it's a phase or not, but I cleaned my dish of cafeteria food just as fast as that hot dog for lunch. With a full stomach, we started walking back towards our dorms. We took some more group photos and frolicked around the Big Green for a while. Now, we're all in my room and still finishing our homework. 

Today wasn't really a day full of exploring. The thunderstorms didn't make the situation really safe for that type of stuff either. However, it was still a very productive day. I got to take more time analyzing my AP Macroeconomic FRE's that were in my homework, record an insane streak of lightning, and I got my eating appetite back too. Today was catch-up day, and tomorrow is going to be class again. Knowing how little time I have left here, I'm starting to miss all of the people that I met here this summer. I've even gotten to strengthen my ties with my fellow cohorts that I've never met before. Summer@Brown has been a fresh start for me, and now it's a painting filled with beautiful colors of joy. I just hope that my picture will continue being painted that way until the very end, and hopefully, end up to become a masterpiece. 

 Just taking a photo with Tayler and Ying. Wait, is that a bear behind us? 

In addition, I wish a safe trip to my fellow Pinole cohorts who are going to Vanderbilt and the Brown Session II cohorts who are coming to Brown in less than 24 hours. If you guys are reading this, you can be rest assured that the experience is definitely worth the whole plane ride to Nashville and even more for those who are coming to Providence. 

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