Monday, July 2, 2012

The Perfect (Un)Eventful Sunday

I was awakened this Sunday morning at 11:30 AM (very early, I know) by knocking at my door. It was my floormate Aaron, who invited me to watch a movie with some of his friends. Since my homework was almost complete and I had no events planned for the day, I thought, why not?
Although my sleep was interrupted, it made a huge difference just having slept in for a rare nine hours. I felt pretty rejuvenated and it added a bounce to my step as we made our way to Providence Place. Despite the ominously cloudy weather, it was the most humid I’ve ever felt here. 
We watched Ted, a movie about a guy and his living teddy bear, and included elements from many different genres. I won’t spoil the movie, but it was hilariously entertaining and a fun way to spend a lazy Sunday morning. Getting back to campus, I planned to study for called up the old study group, who were already at the sci-li. Just as I started walking from my dorm in shorts and flip-flops when, without warning, it began to pour and thunder, heavily battering me and the small umbrella I had had the foresight to take. It just goes to show how spontaneous the weather here can be. One of the many things I’ve learned coming here is that it’s important to expect the unexpected.
Upon reaching the library half-soaked, I found David, Kelly, and Tayler in one of the rooms on the third floor, having been there for a couple hours already. With numerous impending severe thunderstorm warnings confirmed (see David’s video), we settled down to our books with ever more purpose and intention, not wanting to venture out anyways. Just like the lightning, in a flash we had plowed through the bulk of our assignments, and the storm cleared up just in time for dinner.

A promising view of Thayer after the storm cleared
Overall, today was the perfect combination of work and play for me, and was just what I needed to catch up with myself. However, I realize that my time management skills have room for improvement, and I’ll continue to work on it, hopefully making a memorable breakthrough in this final week.
Tomorrow, we’ll begin our last, bittersweet week at Brown. Preparing for finals and the figure presentation we’ve been assigned, I fortunately won’t have time to grieve too much (yet). Honestly, it doesn’t feel at all like I’ve already been here for three weeks! Brown II has already departed and on their way to Providence. I feel so excited for them for the adventure they have yet to experience, and at the same time I want to make the most out of the precious few days me and my cohort have left.

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