Monday, July 2, 2012

Brown-II Brings Relief to Brown-I

The Ivy League Connection’s Brown-I cohort has been suffering through the infernal triple digit heat of the East Coast and are about to spontaneously combust.  Rather than try to explain to their adoring fans that their blogs have stopped because they’ve been reduced to a pile of ashes, we’ve sent the Brown-II cohort to relieve them.

While the temps in Providence are expected to drop to the mid 80’s today, it was a cool 59º in front of El Cerrito High this morning as our Women & Leadership group assembled to prepare for their departure.

They went through the normal weighing of the luggage, the last minute reminders about what was expected of them and then the group photo to commemorate their departure. [If you take note in this photo you’ll see that although they can expect to bake when they get to Providence, sweatshirts and scarves were the order of the day this day.]

As they wing their way east first to Newark (New Jersey--not California) and then to Providence, we know they’ll spend their time thinking about the witty and thought provoking commentary in their first post departure blogs.  Stay tuned to be impressed.

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