Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Unexpected Booming Fireworks!

Before I begin writing about my wonderful day I just want to say "Happy Fourth of July everyone!".

Family Mejicanos
Today was my first time spending my day away from all the girls and my chaperones. I spent my day with a family from a church that is under the same ministry as mine. I enjoyed being with them today. they made me feel so welcomed and comfortable. They took me to what seemed like an outdoor mall in Massachusetts. In that place there were so many brand named stores. there was Coach, Aeropostale, Nike, H&M, and so many more!  The place was also so beautiful. There were little food stands, benches to sit on, sculptures, and even a big clock that rang at 12:00 o'clock.
Outdoor Mall

Massachusetts Mall
Later in the day the family took me to go watch the movie Ted, in the mall of Massachusetts. The tickets were very cheap because we got them before 6:00 PM. The movie was so dramatic and hilarious. I recommend that movie if anyone wants to have a hard laugh. Once the movie was over I headed back to the hotel, but once we were on the freeway we began to see fireworks! I honestly didn't think I was going to watch the fireworks at all, and was even planing to just go on YouTube and just watch a video of fireworks. The fireworks were so amazing and my favorite part was the ending when a bunch of fireworks were shot in the air, and were lighting up the dark sky. there were so many fireworks being thrown that the noise could be heard from miles and miles away. It was so loud that it even made me jump when I heard them, but it was those unexpected and loud fireworks that ended my day with such joy.

Movie+ICEE=Chilling Time

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  1. What a surprise. This wasn’t what I expected to read about today. I’m glad that you were able to make a connection with people from your faith.