Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Going Out With a Bang

We only have two more days at Brown! It's also the 4th of July, but the fact that we only have two more days of class seems a bit more pressing, since it's hard to swallow the idea that we will be gone for good just a few dozen hours from now. Today was a relaxed day since we didn't have class, and we got to welcome Session 2 to Providence, although were a couple days late. It was really nice getting to see the familiar faces from El Cerrito; Emily, Maddie, and Molly and to get to talk to everyone about how our experiences at Brown have been.
We met up with them at their current and our former hotel, Hotel Providence, and immediately I became extremely jealous. Nothing against the Brown dorms (well, maybe a little bit against the Brown dorms), but nothing will top a nice, air-conditioned hotel room. We headed off to the Plimoth Plantation (I know, the town is Plymouth, but they have to call it Plimoth so as not to confuse people), which I vaguely remembered going to seven or eight years ago, when my family and I went to Massachusetts. It was just as fascinating now as it was then, and I found it very interesting to learn about how both the Pilgrims and Native Americans lived at that time. I  personally enjoyed the Wampanoag section more than the Pilgrim section, because while I did find the actors portraying English settlers in the 1620s interesting, I enjoyed getting to actually talk to the Native Americans (not everyone at Plimoth is necessarily Wampanoag) , who would talk about everything from making canoes to the Boston Red Sox. I was disappointed to hear that one man who actually was Wampanoag was both a Red Sox and Yankee fan, which is just wrong, but he greatly redeemed himself by sharing the fact that he had burnt out a tree to make a fifteen foot canoe in just five days.
After a quick visit to the Mayflower 2, which was built in the 1950s and is a supposedly fairly accurate model of the actual Mayflower, nine of us headed over to see the new Spider-Man movie.
The movie ran a bit longer than we had expected, so we rushed out of the theater hoping to catch the 9 PM fireworks at India Point Park, where our teacher, Nick Coleman, had recommended we see the fireworks. We got there at just around 9 with a huge crowd of people, but could only see small fireworks on the opposite shore, some miles away. We sat and waited, thoroughly disappointed with our teacher's recommendation, when a single green spark soared up into the air right in front of us. Twenty minutes of spectacular fireworks quickly followed, and I found myself enjoying yet another wonderful night in Providence. This additional great experience only makes me sadder that we have to leave soon, and I will treasure each and every minute we spend in Providence for the next few days.

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