Saturday, July 7, 2012

Reminiscing Back

Harvard University
I slept on the chair all night right next to my laptop because Kelly fell asleep in my bed. We went along with the Session II girls to go see Harvard. I was really excited to be able to go back on college tours, since it was one of my favorite parts in being in the ILC. 

I rode with Session II because there wasn’t enough space in the Session I car. I had a great time bonding with the girls and voluntarily giving tips to them. When we finally got to Harvard, we were led into a room where we watched a short film about the school. However, when we walked out, we were told that tours were only given to families of eight or less, but not to groups. I was pretty shocked that the reason we couldn’t go on a tour was because we were too big of a group. In the end, one of the admissions officers came out to answer our questions for about an hour. It was very informational and beneficial to us, and I personally learned a lot more about Harvard and got more of an idea about what it’s like there. I still kind of wished we would’ve been able to explore the campus a bit more, since it would be my last tour in the east coast as part of the Ivy League Connection.
Revisiting Quincy Market

After, we went to Quincy Market to get some lunch. It brought back a lot of memories since I’d previously visited it before as part of the Brown events. It was great being able to come back for the last time to explore it and think about how far I’d come since I came to Quincy. In addition, I was able to lead our group around since I’ve explored it there before. After our mega-meal, we walked to Paul Revere’s house. This also brought back a lot of memories. Last time we came to Boston, Ying and I tried really, really hard to find the exact thing, but we had no luck with that. This time, however, we were able to find his house and actually did get to explore it. It was a relatively small house and only had two small stories. Honestly, it wasn’t as much as I had expected, but I still had a great time learning some of the history of Boston before I left.
Outside of Paul Revere's house
We came back to Providence Hotel after for a quick rest or refresher. Then, we headed to Mill’s Tavern for dinner. It was only a few blocks away, and the food there was delicious. The appetizers were actually really filling, but it was okay, because the wait for our food was long enough for us to digest the appetizers. It was a great meal, and in the end, I was stuffed. 

I went to Waterfire with Session II afterwards. It brought even more memories about the time when I came here with Session I when all my floormates and classmates were still at Brown with me. I had a whole other experience tonight though. We had front row seats right next to the water, and we took a while gazing at the phenomenon of fire on water.
I thoroughly had a great day getting to know Session II more and reminiscing about my time in Brown. I’d give anything up for this experience again, for sure. I have no idea where I would be right now if it hadn’t been for this amazing opportunity. Despite the rigorous class lectures, confusing homework, and uncomfortable dorms, Brown had become my new home, and my friends had become my new family. I will never forget about the most amazing three weeks of summer I had as a student there at Brown, and I will treasure it for the rest of my life. Tonight was my last night here in Providence. Today was my last college tour, last trip to Boston, and last fancy dinner with my cohorts. Tomorrow, we’ll be leaving back to California. I can only wonder whether or not I will need to get accustomed to California after these three weeks here in Providence. But like I’ve learned through the Ivy League Connection, the things that you don’t know turn out to be the best of surprises. And so, with these final hours left here, I will continue to run through my thoughts and think about how fortunate I am to be part of this program. May the Ivy League Connection continue to strive and prosper through the ages.
Session I and II combined; outside of Harvard University

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  1. David,

    Do you take us for fools? You write that you volunteered to ride with the Brown-II group because there wasn’t enough room in the Brown-I van. Isn’t the truth that you saw eight good looking young ladies without any male companionship and you jumped at the chance to have them all to yourself? Don’t try to fool us, David.

    With a month of experience under your belt you had the chance to impress these young ladies with your experience and you jumped at the chance. You sly dog.

    Sorry about the hassles at Harvard. I’ll be writing a few letters to express my displeasure but I’m betting that even when we tell the world how Harvard treated us it will make no difference to them.