Monday, July 2, 2012

An Ill-aborate Plan

This morning started off a little earlier than expected; I accidentally set my alarm for 6 o' clock instead of 7. I got up and showered, all without looking at the actual time, because my ability to function in the morning is far lower than it should be. In any case, I was finished with my morning routine far before any of my breakfast buddies, but waited for them to walk down to the Ratty. 

After breakfast, the class met in the Smitty-B, but walked over to the Sci-Li to a computer lab. There we played three games, all having to do with macroeconomics. The first game was trading to get the most possible out of your resources. Unfortunately, due to a lack of communication with my anonymous partner, our total score was dropped down. The second game was an individual stock trading game, where stocks were sold and bought, and the three top scores would be entered into a drawing to win a prize. The last game was about gerrymandering, a very real problem about the way congressional districts are divided up. In this game, districts were messed with to try and find population equilibrium, and to try and make majorities in certain places. This was a lot more complicated than I could have imagined, and I feel for the person who actually does this in real life!

My blog tonight will be a little bit shorter, because, sadly, I'm currently feeling the effects of being unable to deal with sudden changes in weather. It's nothing too serious, just a minor cold, but I am pretty disappointed that I'll be sick for the next couple days. And with no parents around to bully me into eating healthily help remind me to eat healthily, I've created a detailed plan to make sure that I'll be well enough to present our group project. 

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