Tuesday, July 3, 2012

I Can No Longer Fit In This Skirt

My sleep was a beautiful 7-hour sleep. Ynah even complained to me that she woke up to my snoring at 5 AM! It was fairly easy to get up and prepare for our first full day here in the east coast.

Our first stop of the day was Small Point Cafe for a quick breakfast, which was only around the block. It's very convenient  to be just a walking distance from everything -- CVS, restaurants, even the mall. As I was munching on my egg and cheese sandwich, thoughts began to  race in my mind. What will this day hold for us? 

Crammin' in the van
I entirely forgot about the distance between Providence and Wellesley. Our next stop was obviously not as close as every other place we've been to. To my surprise, though, the ride was about 45 minutes long. At last, our second stop: Wellesley College! 

Massachusetts used to be something I only see in my history books. "Am I really here?" I asked myself multiple times. I took a moment to absorb the fact that I was actually standing in Massachusetts. Just as I started to zone out, Amy the Tour Guide came to the rescue, introduced herself, and lead us to our campus tour. I found myself enjoying the tour a lot because of the captivating scenery. Wellesley is absolutely gorgeous, with its abundant trees and fresh air all over campus. My favorite part had to be the college's science center. It stood out to me because it was pretty modern compared to the majority of the buildings, which appeared more medieval. It also seemed to be a very welcoming and comfortable place to study.

This building is rumored to have no right angles. 
At the end of our tour, Amy lead us to the dining area for our lunch. My custom-made lunch consisted of Pop Chips, a typical sandwich, and Starbucks' vanilla frappuccino. An unusual combination, but I was hungry enough to finish it to my satisfaction. We talked nonstop across our tables until we realized that we were going to run late for our information session. The info session was a sort of addition to what we learned during the tour. We discussed financial aid, residency, etc. Time sped by and we were back in our infamous van.

Providence Place's Skywalk
We got home (yes, Hotel Providence is "home" as of now) at 3 PM. This meant four hours of free time! Ynah and I spent three of the four hours together; she went to the fitness room while I passed out on my bed. I simply could not resist the pillows that were calling out my name. Before her workout and my nap, we walked to CVS to buy our personal necessities. We somehow ended up in the mall, Providence Place. What overwhelmed me about this mall was the variety of stores in it. I've never seen so many different stores all packed in one place! It literally varied from Build a Bear Workshop to Abercrombie & Fitch to Sephora. Unfortunately our time was limited so we only paid a visit to Forever 21. It took us an hour to finally force ourselves out. Before we knew it, we were back in the van for the last stop of the day: dinner at Camille's Restaurant. 
We were humbly sitting down...
...but our chaperones were cracking the dance floor!
While waiting for our guests, we lounged outside where there was a DJ was pumping music. He gave us the dance floor, but our chaperones took the honors instead. We may be young, but they're younger at heart! Eventually we headed upstairs to our private room when Guy, Brown alumnus '80, and Mercedes, Dean of Medicine, arrived. As we were seated, the more current and recent Brown students (Brad, Brenda, Ana, Aida, and Maddie) soon made their way to the room. I sat in the middle so I was able to lean into both conversations. However I was more engaged in the conversation with Aida and Maddie. In a nutshell, they explained life at Brown, its positive aspects, their majors, and the rigorous courses that they have taken along the way. We shared both laughs and serious moments. By the end of the dinner, I was physically AND mentally full. We were all giddy throughout the short ride home because we enjoyed ourselves so much.
I was seated right in front of them! (Ana, Mercedes, Maddie)

Since tomorrow is 4th of July, we have the day off. (Yay!) I'm super excited to meet up with the Brown I cohort and hang out with them as well as my own cohort. We already have our day planned for this upcoming day. Although it's been a long day, the girls and I are still energized enough to watch a movie before bed. Time to call it a night...almost!

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  1. Sounds like you all had a great time, Romina.

    Just curious, though, was there anything you learned at Wellesley that you can share with the gazillions of readers all over the world hanging on your every word? Or at least those of us back home who know nothing about Wellesley? I’m sure there must have been a reason we drove you up there above and beyond a Starbucks' vanilla frappuccino. :-)