Wednesday, July 4, 2012

History is Made at Night

After browsing through research papers all day for viable presentation material, I needed to get outdoors. My head swam with figures of RNA-editing ADAR recognition sites, Alu elements, and stem cells with induced pluripotency. 

There are a lot of fascinating topics out there, and I'm excited to be in for some lessons in cutting-edge biotech on Friday. But first, I have to take care of my own project. Our job is to chose a research paper of our interest, focus on the key figure of the experiment, interpret the data, and effectively communicate the message to the class. Tracking down and analyzing papers all afternoon since lunch, indecision was my biggest obstacle, as I struggled with narrowing down my top choices. Luckily, I dozed off before I could get frustrated.

With "work hard, play hard" in mind, I set off on an after-dinner calorie-demolishing adventure with my buddies Sarah, Pragna, and Sogu. For two hours, we walked all across town, down Thayer to the Wickenden shops in Fox Point, across the Point Street bridge into the Jewelry District and the Warren Alpert Medical School, downtown and Kennedy Plaza to Providence Place, to the Amtrak Station and the State House, strolled down the river along Canal Street, and back up College Hill.
Providence comes alive in the night time, even on a Tuesday. Lights, action, and notes of jazz or live band performances filled the streets, already aglow by tree lights strung down Winchester Street, the neon signature of the Providence Performing Arts Center, and the golden reflections of the gilded state buildings in the government plaza.

Strolling down the street, I'm consistently surprised by the warm people we come across. I often stop in my tracks and ask for directions or recommendations. From the Starbucks barista, the recent Brown grad from Singapore, and a moonlighting security officer, we've received nothing but welcome guidance, friendliness, and kinship. It's funny how the accommodating attitude here offsets the amount of zealous car honking. 

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  1. Kelly,

    Every time I read about you “dozing off” I have visions of laptops being crunched into shapes and configurations never thought of by their manufacturers. You worry me sometimes. This would be bad enough if it were just a PC but since you’re a fellow Machead when you mangle any Mac we all feel your pain.

    Being a second year ILCer you already know that getting out and seeing the sites is a big part of these trips. Part of the learning process goes on inside the classroom while the rest is outside. I hope you make this clear to your fellow Brownies.

    Right about now Providence should be busting out all over with their holiday celebrations. I hope you’re soaking it all in. We can’t wait to read about your day.