Saturday, July 7, 2012

Goodbye Brown I, it was fun!

Harvard was the last but definitely not least in our college tours before I head to Brown for the Women and Leadership course. Unfortunately though, we didn't actually get a tour. The tours, we learned, are reserved for families only. So a group like ours wasn't allowed on the tour. While we waited around, to decide our next move, the chaperones talked to some students inside to arrange something else. Luckily, we were able to talk with a west coast admissions officer and have a Q&A session. Accompanying the admissions officer were three students, two recent graduates and one rising sophomore. They were helpful in that they were able to share their application experiences and explain what Harvard was able to do for them. They all said that because of the housing system, they met all sorts of people they may not have met if they had had a traditional system. The students also talked about all the research possibilities available and the many clubs providing new experiences to all students. I felt like for the most part though, it was all things we had already learned about other colleges but some things were unique to Harvard. For instance, all students live on campus all four years. In addition, they accept super scores for standardized testing.

While the school was beautiful and the students that are there are happy, I don't think it's the right place for me. I was happy to see the campus for myself however, after all the things I heard and read about the legendary Harvard University.

After our information session, we set out to Paul Revere's house in the north end of Boston. One thing I've found throughout this trip, is the immense amount of history everywhere you walk. I think it is so cool that you can go from a university full of advanced re-search equipment to historical landmarks and old buildings like Harvard itself, or in this case, Paul Revere's house. 

Here are some picture from our walk through the city. It was my first time there and I absolutely loved it!

Where we ate lunch.
Part of our crew led the way to
Paul Revere's old house.
Lots of cool architecture to look at along the way. 
There it is!
Re-enactors who showed the crowds what soldiers looked
like in the late seventeenth century.
Iris gives it a try.
Beautiful walk back to the van.
After our busy in Boston we came back to Providence momentarily and then walked to dinner with Mr, Ramsey and Ms. Kronenberg. We had a delicious dinner. I had so much fun laughing with the Brown-I kids. We compared stories of visiting schools and they gave us advice about living in the dorms and eating on and off campus at Brown. Then, we went to see the WaterFire and downtown Providence. Here are some pictures of our yummy dinner and exciting evening.
My delicious risotto. 
Most importantly, dessert! 
Water Fire!

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  1. Okay, Maddie, help me to understand this: while you’re not quite as petite as Abby you’re still a far cry from being as big as I am. So how is it that I’m seeing at least four desserts on your platter? Even being the fat pig that I am I’d have a tough time scarfing down four desserts. Oh well...

    Sorry about the bad experience at Harvard. From reading the other blogs I’m not really reading anything positive about the experience. I’m reading good things about Harvard but most of it is hearsay and what’s been read elsewhere as opposed to anything learned while actually visiting Harvard.