Monday, July 9, 2012

The Finish Line

Packing can literally be one of the most stressful things in the world. Today I woke up at 8:30, though we had to be downstairs to leave for brunch at 10:30, all so I could spend those two hours gathering things up, and trying to fit them in my disproportionally sized bag. I managed to fit everything in, but it was a little heavy-more on that later. After I, through a lot of yelling to inanimate objects, had my case packed, we all went to the lobby to leave for our very last ILC meeting.

There was a marathon in town today, and I guess Providence is so small that one marathon takes up about half the city; we had to drive all the way around to get to the Alumni Hall, where our brunch was going to be. The hall is actually right across from the quad where I had lived for the past three weeks. It was strange to see people walking towards Olney with their suitcases in hand, and dreams in their eyes. Sorry to say that Olney is still a frat house, and certainly smells like one. All jokes aside, I almost felt a wave of possessiveness over Olney, but I soon let it go, and felt happy and excited for the new students. Summer@Brown is one of the absolute best choices I have ever made, and I'm so happy to see more and more people getting involved.

The Brown Brunch was really amazing. After packing for two straight hours, which is basically the equivalent of running a marathon, I was starving and couldn't wait to eat. In line, I talked to two recently graduated students from Brown, both of whom had jobs as a kind of guidance counselor. I would have loved to have Nicole as mine, because she was so down to earth and kind. She also told me a lot about the diversity at Brown, and how it could be sometimes hard to find. I was glad she was so honest with me, because I think that so many of the tours and information sessions just bend all the information to make their campus sound superior than others; the facts remain that Brown is an expensive university to attend, and if you do go there, there is a high percentage chance that you will be wealthy. 

After eating, everyone walked to a separate room to listen to Guy Sanchez, Mr. Ramsey, Mrs. Kronenberg, Tayler, Maddie, and Dr. Jabbar Bennet speak. The first three speakers really reenforced the idea that we are, first and foremost, representatives of the WCCUSD, and that we should be proud of ourselves, and the program we are part of. Tayler brought me to tears with her speech, when her voice started to shake while talking about how quickly the four weeks went by. I had the exact same sentiment as she did, and I also really didn't want to go home. Maddie Pine brought me back down to earth by talking about how excited she was to get to Brown. And I'm really excited for all of Session II. No matter what, they will all have an amazing time. Lastly, Dr. Jabbar Bennet, who I had the honor of sitting next to at brunch, gave an amazing speech about how to find our paths in life. He literally gave me chills from nervousness, but at the same time, I couldn't be more elated that now is the time for college applications. I'm nearly done!

At the airport, my suitcase clocked in at 56 lbs. I took out a pair of jeans, and my econ book: 50 lbs exactly. To be honest, I was surprised that my suitcase was over 50 lbs, I didn't think I could lift that much. The ride home was mostly uneventful, just a lot of reflecting on how the last month of my life has gone so quickly, and what an amazing experience this has been. Yes, maybe I am happy to be blogging from my own bed, but I can assure anyone that if someone offered to take me back to those flimsy dorm mattresses, my answer would be an adamant "YES!"

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