Thursday, July 5, 2012

Final Days

Today was the day of the final, and as I headed off to class, I crossed my fingers that I wouldn't struggle too much. David and I paired up for this open notes test. We worked through all of the problems and struggled on a few but we got it down. We end up scoring a 3 on the test and being only one point away from a 4, which to me is a great accomplishment since I have never even heard of an AP test until I got here. Everyone in the class passed the test which was a great sign the our instructor had down a magnificent job over the past 3 weeks.

Tomorrow our final presentation is due. So my group, Nick, Emily, and Wing from Hong Kong, all headed to the Rock to compare and collaborate all of the work we had done this past week. We were very productive and got a lot down in a few hours. Hopefully tomorrow everything will be flawless.

For my last dinner while at Brown, I headed to dinner at Antonio's Pizza and had a delicious meal and great time with my cohort. After dinner I headed to the dance the RAs threw for us 3-week students. I met up with two girls from my floor, Ines and Erica and later I met two new people, Carlos and Kevin. We had a lot of fun and danced the night away. It was a great way to end my last night here at Brown.

The Dancing Crew: Erica (New Jersey), Kevin (New Jersey),
Carlos (Puerto Rico), Ines (Mexico)
Three weeks have come and gone and tomorrow is my very last day here. As I've said before, I've met so many great people and had such wonderful experiences, it's hard to imagine myself back at home in just 3 days after going through all of this. As a I pack tonight it will be a bitter sweet experience, on one end I am excited to sleep in a comfy bed again, and on the other end I am not quite ready to leave all of the friends I've made behind.

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