Thursday, July 5, 2012

Tick-Tock Goes the Clock

I woke up with one goal on my mind that morning: ace that Macroeconomics test today. I had some trouble waking up, but I still made it past my dorm door. I met up with Tayler and we walked to breakfast together. Being the "amazing" multitasker I am, I decided to study some more while eating my most important meal of the day. It was pretty efficient and I did get enough time to remember all the terms I wanted to. Looking back though, I should've studied things that were in the book instead of my notes since the test was open notes. 

Test taking has got to be the most nerve racking experience as a student. I, for one, am not the most confident test taker. According to teachers, one shouldn't second guess themselves while taking a test, because they're mostly right the first time. For me, I can't help but doubt myself on every question. Having a partner, I feel even more responsible for getting the answer right or else I'd be the one to blame. I'm glad that Tayler was my partner though, because she was more encouraging than someone else might've been. I was pretty prepared for the Free Response Questions because we practiced that with homework. However, the multiple choice (as easy as it may sound) caught me by surprise. The problem with me is, every answer looks like it has the potential to be correct. Even through the process of elimination, I'm always still stuck with two answers. In the end, Tayler and I got a 3. We were only one question away from getting a 4. We were pretty proud of ourselves, knowing how this was our first AP test and that the course was only three weeks. I'm still kind of irritated how we were only one point away from a 4 though, but there's always a next time. 

Me and my boys; Antonio, you have some Oreo leftovers on your teeth.
(left to right) Antonio, Noah, Austin, Robin, Me, Lambert, Eric, Alessandro, and Daniel

We had lunch at the V-Dub after, and walked to the Rockefeller Library after. Tayler was going to meet up with Nick, Emily, and Wing at the library so they could work on their project. I had a similar reason, but I was going to be meeting up with Sai, Avery, and Noah. It was seriously crunch time that afternoon. We had our breaks and stops here and there, but most of it required us to put our thinking caps on. We stayed there till 5:00 PM. The rest of the day was mostly resting and reminiscing about our first days at Brown. We had a floor meeting and celebrated Andrew Oh's belated birthday as well as ditching the V-Dub tonight and getting pizza from Antonio's instead. I can't help but feel kind of sad that I'm leaving Brown and everyone that I've met here. I've learned so much and met so many people, and in less than a few hours, we'll be packing my bags and heading to opposite directions on the globe. I wish the best to all of them. 

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