Tuesday, July 3, 2012

A busy day.

For the first time in years of traveling I didn't feel the jet lag when I woke up this morning. Maybe it was because I was excited to see Wellesley or maybe I just really wanted to shower after a day of traveling. Either way, it was surprisingly easy to get out of bed so I just went with it. 

After breakfast at a cute little cafe close by, we got in the van and ventured in to Massachusetts to visit Wellesley University. 

A year ago,  I would have never considered a women's college for my future but when my college counselor suggested Barnard in New York City, I began to reconsider my immediate response to women's colleges. So, I went in to today's tour with an open and hopeful mind. And I was blown away. 

Amy, our tour guide.
We arrived in the tree lined parking lot early so, we ambled up to the admissions office and spent a few minutes reading pamphlets and filling out information cards. Then, a friendly and cheerful student introduced herself as Amy, our tour guide. We followed her out of the office and on to the green campus and began our tour.  

First, we stopped in the shade in front of the chapel and across from the old campus center. There, Amy told us about the academic environment of Wellesley: rigorous but not competitive and full of opportunities. She explained the required courses and array of classes to chose from. 

From there, we walked to the science building which was by far, my favorite building we saw. Not only was it filled with all sorts of interesting and helpful resources like a library, a computer lab and a cute cafe with a clever name (The Leaky Beaker) but it had the coolest architecture. When they were remodeling the building, instead of tearing down the old one, they added to it which resulted in a very attractive, almost multi-media look. 

After the science building we visited the rest of the campus including some lecture halls for the non-science courses, one of the 21 residential courts and the campus center which is rumored to have no right angles in the architecture. 

At the end of the tour, we ate lunch in the campus center cafe and then hurried to an information session for more knowledge on the logistics of applying and attending Wellesley. I was happy to learn that they practice the super score system regarding the standardized test aspect of the application.

At seven the cohort met in the lobby again to go to dinner with some Brown alum, current students and an admissions officer. It was an enlightening experience to say the least. I learned so much about the application process and got some good ideas for personal statements. The students I talked to were all so honest and friendly that I was comfortable asking them questions about al aspects of life at Brown. And as always, the food was delicious... and artistic! 

Such a fun way to serve food. 

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