Friday, July 6, 2012

Brandeis, My New Love!

Today we visited Brandeis, the youngest University in Massachusetts. It was founded 1948, and made especially to promote diversity among the students of the Judaism, Catholicism, and Protestant religion, but is now promoting over 17 other religions. Brandeis is also known to focus, not only on liberal arts, but also on social justice. Brandeis had a great impact on me as a person, because it is involved with so many community service programs. In fact their most popular club has to do with community service! Something very unique about Brandeis is that even though it is a small college compared to others it has large resources, and it also offers 43 majors, 43 minors, 28 Interdepartmental programs, 56 Master Degree programs, and 44 Doctorates offered! It was also amazing for me to here that Brandeis offers 300 programs to study abroad in 70 different countries. I learned all of this in the information session. In my personal opinion I think this was the best information session that I had.

Tour Guide Love
Dorms at Brandeis

After the information session was over we went off to begin our tour of Brandeis. Out tour guide was named Margaret, a rising sophomore and a double major in sociology and film. I feel so lucky because all of our tour guides are so great and really nice. Margaret did an amazing job as a tour guide. I loved how every building we would pass by she would explain what it was and how it was very useful to the students on campus. My favorite building was The Castle. It is a sophomore dorm that was designed like a castle from the outside to the inside, and it was the building that I fell in love with. It was so beautiful and the story behind The Castle is very humorous. Once the tour was over I was so excited about Brandeis, and I really want to apply to it.

Pond at Brandeis! How Cute is That?

Brandeis Table
At the Dinner I was so excited because I got to sit with the Brandeis group. This made me so happy. I sat next to Liane Hypolite, an alumnus from Brandeis, and Julie Carroll, an admission officer. Other people that sat at my table were Iris, Molly, Alana Hamlett, another alumnus, and Megan McHale, who surprised me because she was the admission officer that gave me the best information session that I had ever received.

 I was having such a great time at my table, Liane and Julie gave me their 100% attention and encouraged me to follow my dreams. They also gave me tips about how to apply to colleges and what to say or what not to say. Julie also opened my eyes about the so many areas that i am very interested that are linked to what i want to study- Veterinary. I am so glad I got to meet them because they boosted up my excitement about Brandeis. I am officially a Brandeis lover and a future applicant!

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