Friday, July 6, 2012

Brandeis is nice!

Brandeis wasn't like the other schools we had visited. Founded in 1948, it wasn't as old and the buildings that make up this beautiful campus are proof of that. I was immediately intrigued when the director of the information session talked about the history of Brandeis. Founded later than the other schools on the east coast, during a time when many other universities were only accepting people of certain races, religions or economic backgrounds, Brandeis opened it's doors to people of all kinds. Meghan, an alum and in charge of the information session, stressed that the people at Brandeis now, reflect their history in that everyone is themselves.

Already, I was hooked. It is such an attractive feature - a school where students are free and comfortable to be themselves. The rest of the session was just as informative and exciting. Like the other schools we visited, they have a holistic approach to the application reading project. And Brandeis too, has a rigorous academic atmosphere with all sorts of interesting classes to take. While they have required courses to be filled throughout one's time at Brandeis, more than one can be done at a time and they can also count towards your major.

After the information session, I was excited to see the campus that accompanied the logistics I had just learned all about.
Our tour guide Margret took us around to show us the variety of living options and unlike our other visits, we got to go inside one of the dorms. We saw the extensive library and science buildings. The campus was pretty spread out unlike the others we had seen.

After our tour we went back to Providence but shortly after that we got back in the car and went to Boston for dinner with alumni from Yale, Brandeis, Wellesley, M.I.T., Brown and Dartmouth. I sat with a delightful alum, Joan Becker, from Wellesley because that is the school I am most interested in. She told me about why she chose Wellesley and explained that her best friends were people she met at school. I also talked a lot with Guy Sanchez about the open curriculum at Brown and  both guests had good advice about extreme East Coast weather. The food was delicious as always but my favorite was the dessert.

A little bit of each: creme brûlée, chocolate pudding and
mixed fruit with custard.
Below, I'll post some more pictures from the Brandeis tour today- it was really interesting because all the facilities were a lot more modern than the older institutions we had visited.

All the buildings were new except for the castle of course, which is used for sophomore housing. 

Another shot of the castle.

The atrium equipped with a bagel cafe and open
space for club meetings and hanging out. 
A dorm at Brandeis. 

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