Tuesday, July 10, 2012

When Can I Be Good Enough

Everyday seems to be an unforgettable experience especially all of the energizing activities! Today in class Kisa asked us to choose a leader we look up to. After a lot of debating I chose my own mother. For me, I think that these activities have really expanded my thought process and come up with a reason why for everything. In my opinion I think it's sad that it took me 16 years to figure out that my Mom is my motivation and drive. The characteristics that has pushed me through the years is her strong-will, dedication, personal experiences, loving, and she wants me to be successful in the areas she could not.

One thing that I love about Women and Leadership is the instructor, Kisa! I couldn't imagine anyone else teaching this course because she's so enthusiastic but knows when to be serious and get down to the nitty gritty. 

After lunch we watched a film called Miss Represented. The film related to women in America and how the social media has affected their lives. I felt degraded and dehumanized through the statistics and the harsh comments men would say towards women. I remember a news caster said something like "they have PMS and have mood swings." This was referring to a question about women in politics/office. I also sympathized with the young women who suffered from anorexia because the media has pushed this idea that you have to be skinny, tall, pretty, wear makeup, and have brand name clothes in order to be an "ideal" woman. It's ironic because the women that are "ideal" don't exist, but they do exist according to photoshop. In my opinion this is 100% accurate. Companies use photoshop to "appeal" to consumers but I feel that it only makes me unconfident about how I look.

Another comment I remember was when a model was getting fitted for a fashion show. The director said "Watch out for her, she's on the chubby side." Are you kidding me right now!? That model was well shaped--nothing close to "fat." I feel the people who say comments like this are only expressing their own feelings of their own body. When can we all be ideal women? When can I be good enough?

I think these documentaries are informative to the youth and maybe, just maybe, girls can realize that you have your whole life to develop as a person but you're only young once. Why not enjoy your childhood instead of worrying about your appearance. From my class discussion, I think it would be a great idea to do a documentary on men to see how they have suffered from social media's abuse. In the end one thing that stuck with me is that "Men are emotionally constipated," said the Mayor of Newark, NJ. 

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  1. Destiney,

    Sounds like what was discussed in your class today touched a few nerves for you. That's great! That's why we sent you to this course, Destiney.

    I was impressed in reading of your admiration for your mother. Strangely, I don't recall having met her yet. We'll have to remedy this. She sounds like someone I need to get to know.