Sunday, July 1, 2012

When Are You Leaving Again?

The week before the trip has seemed like the slowest one of my life but that's okay because I spent time with my friends and family before my departure. One of my aunts kept on asking, "So when do you leave again?" She asked me about four times before it settled with her. During this entire week Jackie Timmes has been emailing us making sure we did our assignment (becoming a college expert on the college of our choice), gave us questions we may want to ask the tour guide, admissions office, or any alumni, gave us an additional packing list, told us to sign up for our Dartmouth tour, and finally gave us an idea of what we should pack for the plane ride. Tomorrow morning I will be meeting up my cohort at El Cerrito High School at 2:45AM! That my friend has been the earliest I have ever woken up. I don't think I will even sleep tonight. It's crazy to look back and realize that I have come a long way, out of the thousand students at my school I am the only one who got into this wonderful program this year. When I come back I will be sure to encourage more students to take a go with this program! Other than that during my three weeks on the East Coast I look forward the wonderful heat wave, learning from a college professor at Brown University, and touring around the different schools in the East Coast. 

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