Monday, July 2, 2012

Viva Rhode Island

Out of excitement and nervousness I woke up before my alarm clock. I took a shower, brushed my teeth, and packed any last minute  things. My mom wasn't as excited as I was because I was leaving her for the first time in a while. My brother on the other hand was ready to get rid of me. On the other hand, my Dad told me to text him everyday which he still hasn't even responded to. 

I left the house at about 2:15AM and arrived at El Cerrito High School at 2:35AM. When I got there my brother kept on telling me "Why don't you just get out the car? Are you scared or something?" Honestly it was chilly but at that point I hopped out of the car and was greeted by Don. He weighed my luggage and it weighed 35 pounds. Surprisingly when I weighed it, it was 40 pounds. After everyones bags were weighed and put aside, we had a meeting, then a group picture. After about twenty flashes my teeth were dry and my lips were stuck. At 3:30AM our shuttle had arrived, the driver packed our luggages, we sat down, and were ready to go. 

Layover in Newark
Approaching the United Airlines terminals, there were long lines! As a group we took about an hour and thirty minutes just checking in. There was also a long line for security. But guess what? We made it through all the lines! 

On our first flight to Newark, NJ there was a little boy who kept running up and down the aisles. He also kept asking his father, "Daddy are we at blast off yet?" or "Are we in the air yet?" Imagine that for five hours. I'm glad I slept through most of it. In retrospect I wish I knew as much as that little boy did at my age. 

When we arrived in Newark we immediately transferred onto a flight to Providence, RI. This was the shortest plane ride I have ever been on, 33 minutes. The chairs on this flight were like heaven and were much more comfortable than the previous one. 

Thirty three minutes later we arrived in Providence, RI. I noticed that everything was more green! After our flight we went down stairs to baggage claim, grabbed our bags, and headed to car rental service. That took about a good two hours. After everything was sorted out we ended up with a 12 passenger van. Our chaperone, Jackie Timmes, drove us to the hotel and I must say this place is amazing! 

Inside Viva Mexico
Ms. Kaplan greeted us as we arrived and Ms. Williams checked us into the hotel. After we were all checked in, we were randomly roomed together, went up to our rooms, and came back down to the lobby so we could grab something to eat. We went to Viva Mexico, which was two blocks away. I was glad to see food!! I hadn't eaten all day. I was starving and once I came out I could no longer walk. Now as a cohort we are having BLOG PARTY!!

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