Thursday, July 5, 2012

There Will be Tears

It should tell you a lot that I almost forgot to blog tonight. I've being doing it everyday for about three weeks, but tonight I've been so busy that it nearly slipped my mind. Besides working on the presentation for our class tomorrow, typing everything up and making sure it makes sense, I found out tonight that I'll be speaking at the dinner tomorrow night. This will be the first time I've spoken at an ILC event, so I am a little nervous. Thankfully, three years of debate has gotten me used to speaking in front of other people. 

Today was our Macroeconomics final, which was parts of an AP test. Nick and I, working together, managed to get a 5, or the highest score. Two things are incredible to me about that test: that we were able to cover all of the AP material in three weeks, and that no one in the class failed. Nick and I probably have an advantage in AP testing over some of the younger and foreign students, because we've both taken a few, but I'm still amazed that we managed to get through everything. I can only imagine how much I could learn at school if every class was three hours long, but that would make my school day longer than I could probably handle. 

It doesn't feel real that tomorrow will be our last day at Brown. The three weeks have gone by in a blur of lectures, homework, and fun. After class tomorrow, I'll be saying goodbye to people that I doubt I'll be able to see very often from here on out. I'm reasonably positive that tears will be shed, but this experience has only gotten me more excited for college. I can't even compare high school and college, because they are so different, but I can assuredly say that I much prefer college. 

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  1. Emily,

    You’re breaking my heart and killing me at the same time.

    How could you possibly write that you almost forgot to blog? By now it should be so ingrained into your daily routine that when you return home you’re going to want to keep blogging. We may even have to send you to therapy to help with the withdrawal symptoms.

    Why am I not surprised that you and Nick aced the test? Although I divorce myself from the actual selection process of our ILCers, I hand picked you both.