Friday, July 6, 2012

Reaching the Expiration Date

As I rose for what would be my last day at Brown, I felt a mix of emotions. This morning was the day of our final presentation. So I was nervous and sad all bundle into one. Ms. Kronenberg and Mr. Ramsey came to observe our class and watch our final presentations. Nick, Emily, Wing, and I presented second and overall our presentation went really well and we were all prepared and knowledgable about our topic: U.S. Banking System vs Chinese Banking System. Everyones projects went really well and were really thought out. After we had gotten threw all of the groups, we all said our goodbyes, for it was the last time we would see each other.

I am really happy I got the experience to take the Macroeconomics course. Our instructor, Nick Coleman, was a wonderful. We learned so much in such a short amount of time and honestly enjoyed it. I am so grateful that I got the chance to go through this course and learn something that I wouldn't have necessarily known before.

After class was over, we had our last meal at Brown at the Ratty. I then headed back to our dorms to finish up some last minute packing and say goodbye to all of my friends. It was really sad to say goodbye to all the friends I had made within the past three weeks. They were all really awesome people, and I will truly miss them. Once Ms. Kaplan and Ms.Timmes came and picked us up, we headed to Hotel Providence and away from Brown University forever (unless we apply and get accepted). We all checked into our rooms and this time Kelly, Emily, and I ended up with a suite. After a bit a of much needed relaxation, we got ready for our exciting dinner at Mistral in Boston.

We arrived a little early to the restaurant, so we helped Ms. Kaplan prepare the name cards. I was then appointed to pass out name tags to each of our guests that arrived. This was really cool because I got a chance to talk to everyone from all of the different schools. At our dinner we had representatives from Dartmouth, Wellsley, MIT, Brandeis, Brown, and Yale. I was placed at the Dartmouth table which really excited me because this was the school I was interested in the most.

Before everyone got too engrossed in their meals, Ms. Kronenberg welcomed everyone to tonights dinner and introduced our two student speakers, Iris Wong and Emily Groves. Iris spoke first and did an excellent job speaking about how the ILC has helped her expand her ideals when it comes to choosing colleges. Emily did a great job as well and talked about her experience with the ILC and how happy it has made her. Mr. Ramsey then closed the program and opened up the floor for all of us to begin our dissuasions at our tables.

The Dartmouth Group
My table consisted of four current students: Jimmy'14, Damaris '13, Will '15, Jill '15; one alumni: Tai '01; and Dean June Chu. We were later joined by Jay who is also a '13. All of the people at my table were really awesome, helpful, and informative. They all had a deep love for Dartmouth which I think is really an important aspect for a school to have. If all of the students love it, then you know you're doing something right. They answered all of my questions, including my most pressing one: the fraternities. No one at our table was affiliated with any fraternity or sorority (although Will and Jill were considering rushing.) It was cool to hear from their prospective of life on the Dartmouth campus minus fraternity and sorority life. They told me that it's total fine not to rush which is something that's great to hear because although I am not against rushing, I don't want to feel forced to. Damaris told me that even though she isn't in a sorority, she still does have things to do and people to hang out with. Everyone at my table was really funny and we had the greatest time at our table. We were definitely the loudest group but I did learn a lot from all of these wonderful people.

I was actually disappointed when we had to leave because I was having such a great time. But the night did have to come to an end and after we exchanged emails and promised to keep in contact it was time to head back to our temporary home of Hotel Providence.

Today was my last day at Brown, leaving me with only two days left in Providence. This experience as a whole has gone beyond my wildest expectations. As I go into these last days, I will make sure to enjoy every moment completely.

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