Monday, July 2, 2012

Nearing the End

Today was our last Monday on the Brown campus and here in Providence. After heading down to breakfast, I walked to Smitty-B with David while we waited further instructions for what we were supposed to be doing in class today. Once everyone had arrived, we walked to the computer labs near the Sci-Li with our TA, Desi. We all got settled in to the nearest computer and Nick Coleman told us the plan for the day and introduced us to some fun activities.

We started out the morning playing an economics game. In this game we were paired up with a random person in the room. Once paired, we were able to trade goods between each other in ways that we could both benefit. We could send messages to each other suggesting a certain route of trade. At first I was really confused as was my anonymous partner, but eventually we got the hang of it. In the second game we all worked together as a class. We had 20 rounds to buy and sell stock. The first couple of rounds were difficult seeing as only a few people knew what they were doing. To continue to the next round we had to wait for the entire class to be down so at first it was a grueling process. Soon everyone caught on and were able to finish the game.

In the beginning of class Nick C. said who ever the top 3 winners are in each game will be entered into the drawing to win a Starbucks gift card. Surprisingly, I placed 3rd in the last game and was entered. But luck wasn't on my side today as the gift card went to some one else. But I am still pretty impressed with myself for getting 3rd place in a group of such brilliant minds.

Once out of class, I cracked down on homework and completed what would be due tomorrow. After dinner, I met with my group to discuss our group project that is due this Friday. We had some difficulties with our first topic so we decided to switch it up. Our topic is now how the US and China banking systems differ. After the meeting, I met up with Ying and David to do laundry and have a little cohort bonding time.

The Brown II cohort has arrived in Providence which means our time has almost expired. Although it is something I am not ready to think about, eventually I'll have to face the music. I've had such a great time so far and have made so many memories in such a short amount of time. So until the very end, I will enjoy every possible second I still have in the great state of Rhode Island.

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