Thursday, July 5, 2012

Loving Dartmouth!!!

Dartmouth Admission Office
As tiring as the day would've been for me I enjoyed it very much. Dartmouth was such a beautiful, calm, and very enjoyable place to be. the atmosphere is very laid-back. we had just arrived in time for the information session, which was a little overwhelming for me. Our admissions officer, John, was very informative, but at a fast pace. This made it difficult for me to catch much information in such a short amount of time. Although I didn't catch so much information, the few things that I did catch did me of good use.

I learned that Dartmouth is #1 in undergraduate teaching. It has 4,200 undergraduates and 1,700 graduates. Undergraduates are required to have a math and science class but the options vary. Dartmouth also supports undergraduate research, and provides all the resources that the students might need. Dartmouth is also a very open curricular college, and offers so many opportunities for students to study abroad.

Another subject that was very appealing and interesting for me at the information session is that Dartmouth allows undergraduates to take more classes than other colleges. This makes it easier for students to have two majors and one minor.

I love how the admission is so unique compared to other colleges. One is expected to provide a letter of recommendation from your best friend, because the school wants to not only know you educationally but also socially. It also requires two SAT subject tests which don't really affect your getting into Dartmouth if you have low scores! Also the personal statement doesn't take such a big part in your application as many students might think. I think this is really nice because it takes off some pressure from students, like myself, that may want to apply in the future.

All the Tour Guides. Micheal ^
Once the information session was over we headed outside to begin our tour of Dartmouth. Our tour guide, Micheal, was very sociable as well as informative. I was able to learn and understand more things about Dartmouth from him. He was such an awesome tour guide, and took us around campus explaining the life of the college students there and answering all the questions that we had.

Once the tour was over we headed off to a restaurant in town to have lunch with admissions officers and students from Dartmouth. I sat next to Jake, an alumnus who works for an outreach program named SEAD, and I also sat next to a student from Dartmouth named Caitlin. She basically explained her life at Dartmouth and how she loves the studyabroad programs that it offers.
Art at Dartmouth
A student that I really connected with was named Mariana. She is a rising senior at Dartmouth and very sweet with me. Not only did I connect with her because she was Mexican or because she is also from California, but also because her experiences at high school are very familiar to mine. She told me how she came from a less fortunate school like mine, and how when she arrived to Dartmouth she felt so out of place because there wasn't so many students of her same race, but later came to realize how fortunate she was to be in a school full of many students from different racial backgrounds. Talking to Mariana made me feel so much batter, and it also made me realize how lucky I am to be with girls who accept me for me. It also made me realize how our differences and similarities bring us so much closer together.

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  1. Oh how I love group photos--especially when the group is a bunch of good looking young ladies. I hope you appreciate that had I taken the photo I would have made you and Iris look taller. :-)

    Dartmouth is a great school in so many ways and you couldn’t go wrong if you chose to attend. We’ve had a lot of West County students attend Dartmouth over the years. Even from my own class (Kennedy ’72) our Senior Class President and Student Body President both attended Dartmouth. The former took an accelerated program and graduated in three years before entering medical school.

    And we used to partner with SEAD. That’s where the ILC started.