Saturday, July 7, 2012

I Guess We're Not a Family

It was raining!
Our private "info session"
Today I was hoping to visit one of the scholastically renowned schools, Harvard University. Instantly, I saw the building we were entering and I loved it but after a little while I wasn't pleased. Due to the admission office renovations we couldn't have a group tour but families of eight could because of a policy. Confusing right? From my perspective that was disheartening and I kind of lost all hope for the school. Our four lovely chaperones talked to them to see if there was anything they can do. Gladly, the Northern California representative of admissions and three students catered an hour to answer questions and tell us  more about Harvard. I appreciate that they stayed because they really didn't have to. One great thing that stood out to me was that Harvard is generous with financial aid and one of the students that talked to us just graduated debt free! Pretty amazing! I tried to look past the tour mishap but I couldn't get passed the unwelcoming vibe I felt. Overall, Harvard is not a university I picture to spend my four years at. 

After what seemed to be the longest morning the entire Brown Cohort visited Quincy Market in Boston. Wow, was that place crowded! We had lunch there and shortly visited Paul Revere's house! It was exciting seeing how men took combat with muskets but the process looked long. Paul Revere's house was very small considering that he had 16 children. I enjoyed visiting this historical sight and possibly visiting all of them along the Freedom Trail.
The show these men put on to demonstrate how they used muskets during the Civil War. 

Dinner at Mill's Tavern!

Scallops anyone?
Our casual Brown family dinner was great! Before we walked in I heard Mr. Ramsey say we can have dinner as a family. My immediate thought was that Harvard doesn't think we are a family. I thought that was amusing. Hanging out with the Brown I Cohort has been great because you get to bond! 

Since tonight is the last night the Brown I cohort will be in town, we all went to go see the water fire show. I expected it to be a festival but it seemed to be a romantic occasion. I saw couples left, right, front, and back of me and it didn't matter because I was with my BROWN FAMILY.

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  1. Who are we to believe, Destiney, the good people at Harvard who told you that you were not a family or your own heart which tells you otherwise? I trust your hearts over their calloused and unfeeling hearts. Their refusal to honor their commitments after confirming your reservations and after you traveled more than 3100 miles to check out their campus is insulting and, in my opinion, a stupid move.

    When there’s no rational reasoning for giving tours only to families and rejecting potential applicants who were not there with their “family’ is a public relations disaster for them.

    Instead of you all saying “oh well” and walking away, I’m reading from each and every one of you negative impressions of the school and many of the people you met.

    It was kind of those three students and the admissions officer to stick around and at least talk with you before showing you the door. Nonetheless, the damage was done when they tried to show you the door right away.