Friday, July 6, 2012

Going Against the Wind

Brandeis University, the school that focuses on two things, major research and liberal arts. The schools history is quite intriguing because it was put together due to social injustices of the time.  The founders wanted to create a school where religion, ethnicity, and gender wasn't a factor. The history was very refreshing and indulging because it is definitely a unique school where it's students still strive upon.  

There's a view out to Boston
Through the information session I learned many things about Brandeis such as their academic requirements.They have 43 majors and 43 minors to choose from but you are not limited; if you would like to major in another area you can generate that. In order to graduate you need to take 32 courses. As  our speaker, Meghan, said, students at Brandeis are motivated and take on about 4-5 classes per semester.  It think it's great that Brandeis students challenge themselves and this way they have the opportunity to graduate in shorter period. Brandeis is one of many schools that have distribution courses but you can take one class in order to fulfill as many requirement needed or even go towards your major. I believe that distribution courses really help because some people, like me, don't have a clue what they would like to pursue and you can take different classes and test the waters. Out of Wellesley, Dartmouth, and Brandeis, I enjoyed Brandies' information session a lot more because it was moderately paced, descriptive, had a powerpoint, and Meghan was really entertaining. 

Did you know that Brandeis students are called Brandeisians? 

Sophomore Dorms, It's a CASTLE!
As we proceeded to our tour I liked the buildings because of it's contemporary architecture. There's even a castle at the school the serves as a home to the Sophomores. I appreciated the open grass fields because it served as a place where students come together and celebrate. There is Chapel's Field where a concert is held before spring finals, which I thought was a great way to relieve stress and have fun. An interesting fact about the three chapels the college has is that they are build so the shadows would never touch another building due to respect for other religions. Although they have three chapels they make sure that every religion is represented. There's 17 clubs related to religion and you can even request a prayer center within the chapels.

Relaxing hammock, I'm not
sure if it's art or not
Community service is a big part at Brandeis and is great because community service is a big part of who I am. Community service is actually the number one program at the college. From the sports department, fencing is number one! An alum went to the Beijing Olympics and came back with a Silver Medal, he's actually going to the London Olympics.

At the end of the day Brandeis didn't strike me as a school I want to attend although the campus is beautiful.

My delicious Halibut!
Because Jackie heard I loved Dartmouth so much she placed me at that table. In the beginning I met a student from Dartmouth, Jill, and she just finished her first year, she was so enthusiastic that I felt her excitement! Throughout the whole night I felt the Big Green spirit. I sat with Jill, Jimmy, Will, Damaris, Tai, and June. Ms. Kaplan actually said that we should lower down our voices because we would have random laughter outburst. At first I had no idea what questions to ask because at the previous lunch the students I met answered everything that I needed to know but after a lot of thinking I asked June Chu, Dean of Admissions, how Sophomore Summer came about. The whole idea of Sophomore Summer is because there's not enough room on campus for everyone to be there at one time. To tie up the dinner I received business cards and gave out my email to keep in touch.

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