Monday, July 2, 2012

First Steps

What a hectic morning! 

As I arrived to ECHS at 2:30 AM, I was welcomed with a cold gust of wind. I shivered my way to Don's table and had my luggage weighted being at 41 pounds. After everyone arrived, he told us the expectations of what we are accountable for. An hour passed and our shuttle came. Goodbyes were said to families and the road to Brown continued.

The San Francisco Airport was filled with travelers! It took a little over an hour and a half to go through check-in and security. As we were walking to our gate, we passed by many food stands. My stomach was growling with anger about how I didn't eat at home. The smell of baked goods and other treats taunted me to bring my wallet out of my carry on. I'm glad that we made it to our gate before I could reach the stands. That saved me bucks!

Chaperons Getting a Car 
The plane trip was fairly decent. The right amount of AC was on, a comedy movie was shown on the TVs, and the perfect amount of light was on/off to help us all go to sleep. Unfortunately, all good things have to come to an end sooner or later. Behind me sat a seven or eight year old boy. I kept feeling random jolts of pushes on my seat. I turned around and there he was, kicking my seat non-stop. I politely asked if he could stop and he did. I turned back around and let my eyelids fall back down. Next thing I know, there he was causing a commotion again! But this time, he and his younger sibling was running up and down the aisles. Oh how happy I was when we finally landed in Newark! All ten of us boarded the next plane that would take us to Rhode Island. That flight gave me no issues. 

Ynah and Romina Waiting
I finally can say that I've step foot in the East Coast! Us girls grabbed our luggage and sat down on a bench. Ms. Timmes and Ms. Williams waited in the Avis line to fetch us a rental car. Technical difficulties occurred. We had to change from two cars to one giant van. Everything to seemed to be flowing until we had to stuff our luggage in the trunk. The negative thing is that since it's one vehicle, our bags had to be rearranged in the trunk and front of the car. When we figured it out we continued our journey. From the many tips Don has given us, one became very true. It started to rain out of nowhere! By the time we reached our hotel, the rain ceased. The ten of us was welcomed by Ms. Kaplan. She suggested that we unload in our rooms and to go out for dinner. 

First Group Picture at the Hotel
Once everyone was briefly settled in our new temporary home, we made our way to the restaurant, Viva Mexico! I wish you could have seen our faces. This was our first meal of the day! I think there was a little bit of savageness in each of us. When our meals arrived, we dug in. Today is the first full day that the Brown II cohort experienced in Rhode Island. I can't wait for the new days to come!

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