Saturday, April 21, 2012

Should it Continue?

Everyone deserves the right to have equal chances. The District should keep operating childcare facilities for our teen mothers. By doing so, the mothers can still get an education, the money won’t go towards school supplies that will soon be vandalized, and their children need a proper place to be taken cared for. Keeping up the facilities will give the teen mothers more choices in life. These teens should have the same opportunities as those who don’t have children yet.

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The people of my generation will soon become the future leaders of this world. Therefore, everyone should be educated so they can perform at their best. Getting an education has many benefits. It opens up different life options like choosing to go to college, having a job, or neither. By spending the District’s money on the management, the teens have a higher chance to better out their lives. They will have the same courses as other students and they will be learning the same material. This is an “Each One Teach One” District, where nobody should be left behind. Giving the mothers a chance to learn will help them succeed in life.

School supplies can be a luxury. Discontinuing the childcare help means the money will be spent on new books, pencils, and paper. This sounds nice because schools get a chance to obtain new materials, but this can also backfire. Some students don’t appreciate what’s given to them so they destroy them. Soon, these objects will be broken, riped apart, and have graffiti all over it. Why should the District spend their money on something that doesn’t get appreciated and only disrespect? The teen mothers can still learn even if the materials aren’t “grade A”. The money should go towards people that will be grateful for its services.

Everyone needs to be cared for and nurtured one way or another. To have the childcare services running, the children will be looked after without their mothers having to worry. This gives them the opportunity to balance motherhood and school time. Once school is over, the mothers can pick up their kids and go home. A lot of stress will be taken out of them. The moms can focus on school and have a little “me” time in the afternoons, and during the evenings they can go back on mommy duty. Dropping their kids off to childcare doesn’t mean they’re being neglected by their mothers. They are being taken cared for by trusted people that the District knows. The babysitters might not be able to give each child the same love their mothers give them, but they do provide a safe environment.

When opportunities go knocking on the door, some people answer and some just leave it as is. To have the District operate childcare facilities for teen moms is very helpful. They will be given the chance to still go to school instead of staying home with their child. The money goes towards lending the mothers a hand and letting them live their life with better options. Reaching out to a stranger and showing we care is a sign of unification and cooperation.

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