Tuesday, April 24, 2012

No Pressure

"What is sleep?" was the first thought that came to mind as I forced myself awake last Saturday morning. I desperately wanted to hit that snooze button, but sleeping in was just not an option this time around.

I arrived at Hercules High merely four minutes before 9AM. Panic was all I felt at the moment, until I reached the top of the staircase, where I met Julia Chang, a Yale cohort. Coincidentally, we found two Herculeans and asked them for directions to the computer lab. Thanks to them, we spotted the room right away. We, or I, walked into a whole group of unfamiliar faces. It was pretty intimidating at first; everybody seemed to know each other already! I ended up sitting in the front, where I can see and hear Don very clearly. After the introductions and such, we finally got down to business.

Even the heavy duty packets that Don provided us were intimidating themselves. Fortunately, he was able to break it all down for us to understand. Some of the material I was already familiar with, but a lot of it was really necessary for me to learn more about. The picture-taking lesson was the most interesting to me. Don taught us how to properly capture and edit a photo and stressed why the quality of a picture is super important. We also went over the basics of blogging, public speaking, and other responsibilities an ILC cohort is required to fulfill. Who knew one could feel like a professional after only three hours? 

The tutorial in its entirety was a wake up call to me. After meeting my Brown cohorts, after scanning my ID cards with Don, after the lectures and reminders of what is expected of us, I realized that this is reality. I am a part of the Ivy League Connection, and I will be in the midst of Brown this summer!

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