Monday, April 2, 2012

First Steps

On Saturday, March 31st, I had my usual SAT class at Hercules High School. The class itself is provided by the Ivy League Connection. About 10 of us sit in the library and review for the SAT with either a math teacher or a verbal teacher. It's such a blessing being one of the few to catch this free program, considering the fact that my subject area isn't exactly math.

Another bonus is that Don's class was also at Hercules High School. It wasn't a far walk at all. About 5 of us headed to the tutorial class ten minutes before the SAT class ended. Upon arriving, I saw a lot of unfamiliar faces. I was a bit intimidated but later felt at ease when I sat next to my fellow ILCer, Cameron. I knew that I should have introduced myself to someone new but everyone seemed settled in their seats. Plus, there were no vacant seats next to anyone that I didn't know. I promised myself that at the next event, I will be more gregarious. Hopefully I can reach out and meet the other members.

Don's class was informative. He taught us everything from doing laundry to speaking in front of an audience. He also taught us how to blog and share photos. It was a great preparation tool.

Once I got home, I reviewed the tutorial packet he provided. Honestly, I felt overwhelmed. I couldn't believe that I'm going to have to do all of that work this year. I knew that I couldn't back out now, so I recollected my thoughts and came to a realization that nothing worth having comes easy. The Ivy League Connection is a great opportunity to grow. I am determined to challenge myself and prove to the world that I can fulfill my potential.

Brown University, you will be my lovely company this summer. I'm ready!

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  1. Ynah,

    There are about 7 billion people out there and I'm betting that you haven't met many of them--yet. Just like in this tutorial, what you need to do is juts walk up to them, extend your hand, put on your best smile and say: "Hi, I'm Ynah." It really is that easy.

    And so you know, EVERYTHING is hard the first time because it's new. Here's a hint, Ynah: none of us was born knowing how to do anything. Everything we know had to be taught to us. So all of this is no different. In four months time you'll be kicking back doing your own laundry without giving it a second thought. And then you'll have that urge to post a blog--because it can be interesting and it's not hard at all.

    Come into this with the right attitude and it's all a piece of cake, Ynah.