Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Round Two

Brown University courtesy of brown.edu
Countdown to Brown began Saturday morning. Ready for a productive start to the weekend, the Blog Tutorial Session 1 crew convened at 9 AM, bright and early. By bright, I meant our enthusiasm; the weather was overcast and drizzly.

It's strange recalling back to one sunny day a year ago going through the same motions, discovering Blogger for the first time, mingling with my would-be cohorts, and anticipating the summer but unconscious of just how much I would grow from it. I found myself smiling and nodding along with the familiarity of Don's exhortations on the enlivening quality of photographs in blog posts, ILC responsibilities, and of course, laundry. 

Among some inclusions I enjoyed this time around was the hands-on lesson in the computer lab setting. Everything felt just as novel experimenting with Blogger's completely refashioned interface. I also had fun during the breaks introducing myself to a fresh group of cohorts, catching up with the few familiar faces, as well as gushing about the incredible experience and ice cream at Cornell. I can already tell we're in store for an amazing ride!
Courtesy of brown.edu

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  1. Kelly,

    Glad you found a few parts of the tutorial to be interesting. :-)

    For ILC alums like yourself I'm sure that plenty of the tutorial was repetitive but there was enough new stuff that I felt it necessary to require a repeat participation of you old-timers.

    Even though many of our alums have been through this, some required retraining.

    From your blog and others it seems that the hands-on computer work was of value. It's a shame that the computers gave us such fits.