Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A Pivotal Potluck

Tonight I attended the Brown-I/ Columbia potluck. 

Upon arriving I was flooded with the smells of delicious food, warm smiles, and greetings from everyone who had arrived before me. After finding the perfect spot to put my dish of pasta salad on the table, I looked around and saw a few familiar faces I had seen at the tutorial in March. 

After almost everyone had arrived we all dived in on the delicious dishes that each member had brought. After half an hour of eating and socializing with my cohort members as well as those from the Columbia cohort, we got down to business. Our chaperones introduced themselves: Ms. Kaplan and Mr. Crosby for Brown and Ms. Lilhanand for Columbia. Ms. Kaplan was very enthusiastic and open. She told us her reasons for wanting to go to Brown and what she was looking forward to. Mr. Crosby gave us advice on what to pack and how to deal with the climate on the East Coast. Meeting the chaperones got me even more excited about the upcoming trip this summer (if that was at all possible).

After talking as a group for awhile we separated into our respective cohorts. We then focused more on things that applied to the individual groups like our schedule, our planned activities, and some things unique to the area we are visiting. 

They went into some details about our first week on the East Coast. We are going to be very busy, attending college tours and fancy dinners. Ms. Kaplan had emailed previous ILC members who had previously attended Brown and asked them questions she thought we would be interested in knowing. The emails contained information about places to eat, the weather, where to shop, and how much money we should bring for spending. The input from these emails were very helpful and answered many of my questions. 

At the end of the night Ms. Kaplan gave us all an assignment to research the different colleges we will be touring before we begin our class at Brown so we can be more prepared when we visit. Overall I felt that the potlock was very informative, but more importantly I enjoyed meeting everyone, especially those who will be going to Brown with me this summer. I can already tell that I am going to have one of the best experiences of my life this summer. 

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  1. Tayler,

    Another satisfied customer.

    Glad you enjoyed yourself and found the event worthwhile.