Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Rain, It's Only Water

That, my friend, is the sound of my alarm clock at 7:30 AM shouting at me to wake up. One foot following the other I got out of bed, got ready, and gathered all of my things. On this particular Saturday I made sure to be on time to this tutorial, in my case I was actually early. The day before the tutorial I made sure to study the maps mailed out, courtesy of Don, and searched for directions to Hercules High School. Surprisingly the school was not hard to locate at all. Those maps helped considering I have never been to Hercules High School outside of sports affiliations.

As I was walking, Mr. Crosby was directing me to the classroom with the point of a finger. I was surprised to only see only two people in there because it was evident that we had to be there early in order to scan our school ID, California ID, and medical insurance cards. All I had to be scanned was my school ID, which made me feel slightly unprepared. Before the tutorial started I introduced myself to my neighbor, Emily. I found out she is actually going to Brown University as well. More and more people arrived and I was glad I saw a familiar face: Mr. Mannix.

At 9:00 AM the tutorial began. The packets we received were full of informative key points and we all followed along as Don presented. During the presentation I drew in the importance of proper blogging, how you should take proper photographs, naming your photographs, being responsible, what to pack for this summer, public speaking, loaner items, and more! If I forget any of these I can always refer back to the 33 page packet we received.

Sitting for a long period, I blanked out a couple of times. I'm glad we had those 10 minute breaks to talk, use the bathroom, and meet others. I met and talked to my chaperone, Jackie. Two hours into the tutorial we learned how to blog on the computer. It's not the hardest thing but putting a title on your entry is what is difficult!

In retrospect, the tutorial was really helpful. Some improvements I could have made was to meet more people and post this the day of the tutorial. Being at the tutorial I was reminded of the high demand for success and representing your community.

I am very excited to attend Brown University with my fellow cohort! Although the Women and Leadership class may be rigorous, I still plan to make the best out of it and have fun. Who said homework wasn't fun?

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  1. Destiney,

    What's so hard about the title? I thought yours was great.

    I'm glad that the tutorial wasn't a total bore. It's tough to make that kind of stuff seem interesting. The hands-on activities seem to have been something of a hit even if the antiquated computers were a bit slow.